Monday, 3 February 2020

Another day another leak

Take a deep breath and assess where we are up to in the winter work. What better way than write another blog! and highlight what still to do on this lot of carriages.

The remedial work on the LNWR Van is nearing completion with the lower edge being of the sides being bolted in place. Paul on the outside with Richard on the inside.

the RMB from the maroon rake is now occupying the barn through road having had a vacuum cylinder service and steam leak fixed while on the Jack road last week.

The water heater is being relocated from right to left of the sink. There is very little space but the new heater which is self filling will improve the situation. The sink has also been strengthened.

Dennis our Gas Engineer and trainee farmer by the looks of it, is doing the work he is also making adjustments to the water system in the RBr from the C&C rake.

Richard was checking out and re-securing the flooring out side the servery on the RMB.

A leak in the roof what do you mean it leaks - well maybe a little. Having removed what was the original patch its going to leak a lot more until a repair is sorted out next week. The roof can also have fresh coat of paint.

Another touch up of paintwork. this by Ainsley on 24949 after the contractors entrance porch was removed. The tape securing it took rather a lot of paint off either side of the door. Some top coat and lining out to be touched up.

Steve fitted the finishing trim on the north end Cotswold side of 4772. The Malvern side is lined up for next week end. Then there are the 2 sliding doors to fit. The slot in the panelling is the mount point for the fire exstinguisher. Ah yes need to check we have one!

The painters are still finding stuff to do with a series of skirting boards to paint.


Nelson Street said...


Great progress on all fronts

Curious you refer to the Van as LNWR and yet it looks like a GWR one?

Best wishes


Alex said...

It is indeed GWR, built over 20 years after the LNWR ceased to exist. It does have GWR painted on it as well... :)

St Blazey 1925 said...

Am I correct in saying that 'It's the axle box covers that gives away that the van is GWR'?
Well done on the rest of the work on the coaches as well!
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Axle boxes aren't necessarily all that reliable an indicator, some of our BR Mk1s have LMS stamped on them!

Nelson Street said...

I noticed that they were GWR "OK" type, the upper shape is distinctive.


David Priest said...

Thanks for taking time to do the blog, much appreciated.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

If I remember correctly this van is LNWR build to a GWR design just after Nationalisation.

Alex said...

It was built in 1945, 3 years before nationalisation and 22 years after the LNWR ceased to exist. The LNWR built no 12T vans at all, no covered vans with metal underframes, and I can't think of any railway vehicles from any company made of plywood until war shortages necessitated it - as we now know, it was very much the inferior option!
So nothing to do with the LNWR at all I'm afraid! :)