Friday, 13 December 2019


With the winter shut down approaching we are deep in prep for the busy period of our year.

The bogies returned from wheel turning were soon the subject of axle box overhauls and wheelset swaps.

Some times its the small things that make a difference. A handy little mod to our mobile vacuum pump. A pair of support brackets for transporting the connection hose. 

 We need to get 4772 out of the works as soon as possible to make space for the winter work so there are several things rather overlapping to get things through faster than usual So a big thanks to everyone for the efforts being made. The south end Gangway connection being prepared by Ken.

while John Squires sorted out a new section of pipe for the vacuum release pipe at the end of the carriage.

in place and ready to painting

A bit more sanding first

Despite all the end work continuing Alex was able to focus on some lining out.

The Shark is ready to outshop but Paul still found some finishing touches to apply.

It soon got to be hot work so Hat and coat off.

in 34929 the panelling, and there is a lot of it is progressing 

Lining out over for the day and Alex got to paint another bucket

Its actually quite tricky if your not careful the taper and curvature of the buckets makes the writing turn up at the ends. No problem for Alex though.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Very good work done by all. But the item that stands out to me is the fire bucket. Although Small. Often missed by many, but the epitomy of the GWR 'feel', and easy to get wrong. Old signwriting was always larger than life and small letters would just not do. these are just right.
Regards, and 'sidings of comfort and joy' to you all, Paul.

Alex said...

Thanks Paul, they should look good under the canopy extension at Broadway. :-)