Sunday, 13 October 2019

Wednesday's progress

Work continues on all fronts and keeping track isn't always easy.

Work on the Shark is progressing quickly. Derek is dealing with the running boards along the sides. Behind him here are several boards he has just painted.

Jerry has started on the rebuild of the south end planking

Moving onto 34929 The door team are working on both pairs of the double doors for the carriage.

We currently have a shortage of the backing plates for the door hinges. So Craig is busy recovering a couple from redundant doors while we get the metal work team to make a batch of new ones.

The panelling of the new entrance vestibule is progressing. The skirting will eventually be painted black.

The guards desk has been reinstalled.

and the main saloon area panelling is almost complete with the wall and ceiling base panels all in place. The trim strips are still to be done. 

The 'quick' job of the moment is 4772. Like many Mk1 carriages it needs the crash pillars restored.
We actually also replace the base plate while we are at it. Here Ken is positioning the central section before welding.

He was assisted by Rex

david was continuing the pre work on 16221 working on areas o repair to smooth the sides around repaired areas.

Tony was busy painting the recovered battery box irons.

Dave, David and Penny continued with the rebuilding of seats or 24949

another set o seat sections marked out on the moquette. It all makes sense to Penny!

Phil is working his way through  sets of carriage to carriage connection cables restoring them all as he goes

He does the painting as well.

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