Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Wednesday - Door!!!

A busy day with a big crowd in attendance that allowed a lot to be done especially to doors or doorways.

34929 Doorway 1 was being prepared ready for the hinges to be positioned. An adjustment had to be made to the centre hinge plate. this is not unexpected when we have rebuilt the entire pillar.

Paul  was rather further along with Door 2 which he got hung and working nicely.


 I joined Craig for an investigation of the door on 4798 which has been reported as having issues. After a thorough investigation which included dismantling the lock mounting we decided to remove the carriage from service so that we can make a full repair. A job for the week-end and next Wednesday.

Back in the workshop Mike agrees the way forward for this door from 34929

Derrick then started on the removal of the old and rotting frame  A complete new frame will be installed.

Derrick got some assistance from Derek
We also had a report  of issues with a door on 3132 so we made up a replacement glass pane as it appeared the original had become detached from the carrier. Here the carrier is being glues to the glass and its all clamped in position while the glue sets.

The welder were also working on door openings with Nick on the Malvern side of CK 16221

while Ken started on the end section plating over the new crash pillars on the Cotswold side. Note both are using the new welding masks with airflow attachments. The air flow creates a positive flow of free air past the face keeping any welding fumes well away from the face as per the latest HSE guidance note.

 after the welding the clean up

Bryan is investigating the locking system for the stretcher window. Not a straight forward task as some of the parts are broken and new parts will need making. Some of the parts laid out
Phil was working his way through the wall light fittings making up and refurbishing a set for the CK

Rex investigating and then prepared a door pillar base ready for the welders to restore with new sections of steel work

Roger working on another door, this one is one of the pair that will form the access way into the new saloon area on 34929. A double door to allow the width for wheelchairs.

Richard has nearly completed the template for the inner window woods for 16221.

 The drain grills have now reached full undercoat

Eddie spent the day profiling section for the Broadway footbridge.

One of many sections completed during the day.

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