Monday, 15 July 2019

Tuesday - Mainly DMU again

Another very warm day, and another enjoyable tour given in the afternoon.
Stu cleaned many of the windows in DMU 51405, a distinct improvement following all the work that has gone on inside.

Lots of burnishing of the door kick plates. Despite all the repainting of ceilings, windowsills, etc, and all the reupholstering that had previously been done, it's the little things like this, that if left, can still make the interior look seedy. It's amazing the difference this makes.
John levels another of the doorway threshold plates.

Another excellent result.

Richard painted more of the visible skirting in Rail Blue.

Later in the day Keith added another coat of the green gloss to the interior door bases.

Maurice finished off the guard's desk from BSK 34929, reattaching the lid, adding a bit more paint where required, and then putting back the metal fixings.
Cheryl finished off the yellow painting on the grids for the Lineside Drainage gang.

And of course left another of her lovely "wet paint" notices!

John Hamer was adjusting the spring settings on the north bogie on SK 24804, hence the use of the heavy clamp.

The trains of the day had "P & O" looking superb on the main rake with Neil Carr driving.

While the Maroon Rake also looked good with 4270 in charge with Ben Evason driving.

Report by Dave Clark

3 comments: said...

A great and informative bloh.

Jon said...

Your reports are so interesting - the attention to detail and finishing standards are the best I have ever seen. Cheryl should publish her signs - am sure they'd be very popular!

Paul Wilson said...

I agree with Jon, I have always admired people (I have know a few) who, with a few (apparently) random strokes can produce a picture that "tells a 1,000 words - a dozen anyway! And wonderful work on the DMU, it is true that while the extra numbers of passengers bring the needed cash to run the railway, they also create a proportionate amount of extra work.

Powli Wilson