Monday, 8 July 2019

Tuesday - DMU and a lot more

It was a normal Tuesday attendance again with a lot done and not just with DMU 51405. 
Not photographed but doing a lot of work with heating controls in SK 24804 was John Hamer. We still need to test the steam heating after the repair work, but we are gradually making progress with the various repairs with this coach, the second of the two loaned by the NYMR.

Starting with something completely different is Ainsley, who is priming the larger of the two sections of grill that have been made for the Lineside Drainage team.


At the north end of the Workshop Cheryl and Maurice are undercoating the primed veranda sides of the "Croes Newydd" Toad van. 

Dave Hancox was cleaning up more retrieved steps for where these are missing on coaches currently under restoration. 

The vacuum cyclinder workbench receives its final coat of paint. We create and build our own tools and working facilities whenever we can.

More of that wonderful reclaimed cedar finds yet another use, with Derek building some new wheelset stands.

 Now on to 51405 and a grand tidy up of the internal window frames, especially where there was new mastic and where many of the rubber seals were tarnished from old paint. Keith carefully applies the masking tape.

Stu applies the Executive Light Grey top coat, not only painting up to the glass, but completely recoating the whole frame.

All the windows were so treated and what an improvement. We just need to remove the masking tape to finish the job.

Richard and I reinstated the internal cab door following its repaint.

Anoher very useful job done by Richard was painting the new beading and skirting in Rail Blue where new panelling had been put in. He then extended this to the existing skirting throughout the vehicle, which in general was dirty and scuffed. Another big improvement.

With the new lino now in, some of the doorway threshold plates needed raising. One of these had been removed by Steve on Saturday and a quantity of thin plywood cut-outs made to act as filling. John carefully cleans out the recess having removing the metal plate in his doorway.

Having seated both the plywood filler and metal plate, Dennis carefully checks the new level with his doorway.

A very neat job, with a coat of filler to finish this one off. 

The guards desk from BSK 34929, having had an initial undercoat following its massive paint stripping session, is lightly sanded by Alan before having a second coat. It will now be ready for top coating.

Report by Dave Clark

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Paul Wilson said...

Thank you Dave, a most interesting and informative blog. Really professional work, and what a difference a fresh coat (coats) of paint make.

Powli Wilson