Monday, 15 July 2019

Thursday - the big move

A busy day with a very big shunt undertaken to extract RBr 8805 from deep inside the Cotswold side of the yard.

However a short series of photos with Phil Jones painting the letters on the two Broadway fire buckets. With the French chalk in place and the lettering marked out from the tracing paper, Phil begins the delicate painting of the "F" on the first bucket.

Returning later I found he had just about completed the first bucket.
The apologetic smile that says "Sorry Alex!".

The completed job. When the paint is dry the chalk can be wiped away. Well done Phil - we have another sign writer in the making!

Arrrrgh! How did this happen?!". The front corner of DMU 51405 will need some careful touching up with the New Loco Green.

Inside the south compartment Pat is completing the fixing of the new piece of laminate above the gangway door.

In the centre compartment Tony and Alan are putting up the final large section of ceiling panel. The corner conduit behind Alan was also refastened.


In the barn and on to CK 16221 where Ken is working on the base panelling by the Cotswold side south end doorway.

On the opposite side Nick was doing a very similar job.
Further along Rob is removing more bad metal on the side of the next doorway.

The big job today was extracting RBr 8805 from the end of the second siding on the Cotswold side of the Works. In the final photo 8805 leads the short rake.

It was 3rd Rake cleaning again for Paul with the rake now in more regular use during the high season and our main cleaning team having enough to do just keeping the two main rakes at Toddington clean. The increase in passenger numbers is leading to the need for more cleaning and maintenance efforts on all 3 rakes.

And I thought the new vacuum cylinder bench was complete. Not only will there be bench tops, but a drawer to hold the rubber seals and I think Ian mentioned a cupboard too.

Into the evening and our next C&W Management Meeting - l-to-r John Appleton (Maintenance), Jeff Brodrick (Finance), Peter Bennett (Deputy Manager), John Osborn (Metal working and welding), Ainsley Killey (H&S, PAT testing). Two were missing - Dennis Brown (H & S, gas and pressure systems) and James Balsdon-Joy (Metal working and welding) were unable to come in.

Report by Dave Clark

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Alex said...

Drat! I shall be inspecting those buckets VERY closely when I get back! ;-)