Monday, 1 July 2019

Saturday - temprature rising

I arrived a little late today as is normal when Jane, my wife, is working I the Coffee pot café. It was just in time to see the Freightliner collecting the 3rd rake for the days services

the main blog feature at present seems to the guards cupboard from 34929 which is going through the through a total paint strip and repaint.

Ainsley and George both working on it.

The other feature is Dave cleaning steps.

James was completing the drain grill for the drainage team by applying the position and securing flanges.

A coat of paint in the week and they it will be ready to go.

Steve is making great progress on the saloon area on 34929. Having cut the end panels he put the insulation in before fitting the panels. He also has the sliding gangway door fitted.

Bob is working his way round the roof. We do have some guttering to fix as well.

Kevin having retrieved some seat backs from storage for the upholstery team was cleaning up door lock plates etc.

As the temperature rose there was a lot of train watching although the works were one of the more pleasant places to be being rather cooler. That us until the fans started pulling quantities of hot air from out side.

and more birthday cake to eat. This time Johns. Happy Birthday John

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