Thursday, 2 May 2019

Tuesday - Canvassing

Another quiet day with just nine in, but a busy one. John Hamer came in for the morning to do some initial checks under SK 24804, the second of the NYMR coaches, including checking the ride heights. We also had a very enjoyable visit by Bishops Cleeve U3A Group who had been invited by John Hughes.
An unusual view from the car park at 7.38 a.m. with the wartime wagons now gone from Platform 1 bay.

One of the very early jobs was adding some top coat on the double door frames of BCK 21092. On opening the doors on Saturday I discovered that these were still in undercoat. The excellent drying weather meant that the doors could be safely closed at the end of the day. With the better outside light, some other minor improvements were made in the disabled compartment.

Inside the south vestibule Dave Hancox was drilling holes in the recently replaced ceiling ready for some more beading strips to be installed.
In one of the compartments John Hughes was adding top coat to the recently undercoated ceiling. When walking through the coach, most of the ceilings seem to be ok, but a fresh coat of paint on one of them soon changes your mind.

For Alan it was back to more filling and sanding on the Malvern side of BSK 34929.
With Steve's rebuild of the north vestibule of TSO 4986 now finished, Richard was tidying up the Malvern side door frame with filler. 

The culmination of the roof rebuild of the LNWR van. With a good coating of felt adhesive plastered over the new roof planking, Richard and Maurice carefully applied the new canvas.
The canvass on. This will be trimmed and battening added around the sides.

A late afternoon view of the empty Platform 1 bay and the yard beyond. The mist gone and the sun out. The Santa Grotto coach and Fruit C van will be put back here.

Report by Dave Clark