Friday, 17 May 2019

Thursday - Moving forward

With Dave away, hence no Tuesday blog, I managed to get a day pass from home to go in today. Which was handy as I could pass on several bits of information and 'parts for fitting' from the Wednesday work. It felt as if we have started to move forward again with a lot of reconstruction going on.

Ken was back in and continued with the north end panelling on 16221.

All done it was then over to Derek to sort out the location of all the studs needed to mount the end woods. After which it was Ken again to weld them into place.

And Derek to start fitting the woods

Ken moved on to start work on the window opening where the latest window, prepped yesterday ready to be taken out, had been removed.

Not only the usual rusted bodyside rust under the window corners 


but also the top rail inside the window with a hole where a hole shouldn't be.

With the centre section of the base plate still to be welded into place Dave Hancox took the opportunity to clean up and paint the underframe while he had easy access to it. 

You can also see the left hand and now red oxide painted new section of crash pillar while the right hand section still green stands loose awaits welding.

Tony Barnard was fortuitously in today. Being a bit of an expert of window re-glazing the windows he led a dedicated little group not only removing the window but cleaning it and another one up and completely re-glazing them both ready to be reinstalled. We just have to wait for the welding to be completed!

Martin had another session painting up the DMU corridor gangway. It certainly stands out!

Also beavering away on the DMU Alan was refitting the new panelling on the Malvern side.

Ian picked the list of outstanding Jobs left by John...… its was a detailed list! 

It took all day but with a great effort by Ian and assisted by Phil they just about got through the whole list.

Another little job on the side for the welders was this. I think this actually got done on Wednesday but I missed it. The job was to extend the stub by head on the right with a much longer spike. 

What is it you ask?

An original GWR boundary marker dates 1886. so rather to early for our line. Hey Ho we have it now.

Another boundry! Nobody now dares to enter here. Paul has been cleaning the seats in the 24804 from the NYMR. Discretion prevent a picture of the water after the clean. 

The last job of the day for Dennis putting the hose away after watering up, filling the tanks, on the third rake and the new carriages ready for service.

Derek spent some time sorting out the new set of end woods for 16221 using the old ones as a template.

and finally what was actually the first train of the day passing Winchcombe from what is an unusual location. I was on platform 2 dealing with a leak in the roof of the discovery coach before it rains again.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Nice to see the DMU getting some TLC again, amidst the tall list of work for other vehicles.
BTW, is that a finger in the way of you last pic of 4270 passing by?
Regards, Paul.