Thursday, 9 May 2019

Saturday - Ups and downs

Having lowered the 34804 yesterday it got a shack down trip up and down the yard today and was promptly back in the air. The track around the yard is usefully not very flat.

With one the bogies rolled out from under the carriage the bolster, (the bit the carriage body sits on, was lifted out

The bogie was given a thorough steam clean.

before some adjustments to the secondary springs which carry the bolster and reassembly.


The upholstery team having replaced the worn end panel in the main rake on Wednesday, so quick I missed it They also have a ride to Cheltenham while the they did it! Today they were back to the first class seats for 16221.

We often find labels on the seat springing which rather shows the age of the springs as well as a few little nuggets of information.

This the centre back spring for the first class seat

while the side springs for the seat are apparently different.

No matter it all gets covered, Once Penny gets the sewing machine threaded!

Steve finished the south end vestibule of 4986 thus declaring the internal rebuild complete. So the carriage now awaits shunting and a spin up and down on the jacks for bogies checks and a 'fit to run exam'

The roof canvas on the LNWR van trimmed and ready for edge battens to be fitted.

We got the glass back into the stretcher window today it needs a little bit of finishing off still as does the whole in the carriage side it fits back into!

Another bucket has materialised!


Two very nice sights to finish off. Dinmore Manor.

and 21092 ready for service come the gala where it will be the brake and provide wheelchair facilities for the 4th rake.

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