Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Saturday - Top to Boittom

Top to bottom with a few stops in between. The top today is the LNWR van roof. From ground level you don't get to see very much.

So a trip up to the mezzanine floor and a look over the edge sees Richard working his way round the edge stretching the last bit of the canvass roof and putting the battens on.

At the bottom or at least underneath Andy and Ian were enquiring about a clean job for the dirty gang to do. The heavily greased and with considerable service since its last lift caked bogie pivot mount of 4986 was being cleaned up.

 as were the axle boxes.

John Squires set about making some new door plates for the workshop the original manufacturer made ones having failed. The milling machine has its own very powerful light attached.

Eyes up again as Phil completed the restore of a section of ceiling panel after a leaking joint was found (and repaired) above it.

Paul was doing a final clean along the corridor of 4986.


while Steve has started on the north end vestibule of 34929. The first job is to create the surround which supports the floor. It all had to come out for the end plate welding to be done.

With Ken unable to lift due to an arm injury James and I investigated how to remove the gangway end, something Ken just does. We got there is the end just a lot slower. I also removed the vertical end woods. With it all off the end is clear for the welders to investigate the inner crash pillars and the central section of the base plate.


 A very pleasant day to watch the trains go by from the C&W vantage point which allows us to inspect the carriages and listen form any issues as the trains pass...

….... oh and to wave to the passengers!


Paul Wilson said...

When I visited 2 weeks ago, I noticed how perfectly "turned out" so many freight wagons were. Do they all belong to GWR or are some private owner?

I am also unslear about the carriages you are dealing with (4986, and 34929) what heritage and livery are they (will they be). I have always been an admirer of Carmine and Cream, a lovely combination to my mind.

Powli Wilson

St Blazey 1925 said...

The LNW van is looking a lot better than it did. Likewise 4986.
Great photos.
Regards, Paul.