Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Gala Saturday

For the Gala as is our usual practice the workshop was open for viewing and there was a steady flow of visitors regularly topped up as another train  arrived.  

However, we do still continue to get things done. With the carriages recently outshopped there is a tidy up in progress. Some doors that have been swapped for various reasons were returned to storage by Kevin and Ian.

George made some more progress on the prep work for 34929

and Steve was continuing the floor building along the corridor.

The Caly Tank spent much of the day shunting the demo freight in and out of our yard giving the spectators in our viewing area a very good close up view.

Breaks on sunny days are often taken outside but with the number of visitors a little sanctuary in the mess rom was apparently welcome.

Another unexpected visitor to C&W was the P'Way landrover. With space on the jack road it was possible to bring it in to the barn for a quick welding repair job. It carried out by James repairing a broken hinge.

You would think we put it there deliberately but the spare wheel set made a good seat for the Caly tank crew to take a brake off the footplate.

Right behind Ben were Richard and Paul doing some more work on the brake rigging of the brake van

This rather bent beam needed a little straightening. Not a lot as it is actually meant to curve.

The window team Rob and Tony, were back at it putting new rubber into another frame. one I later fitted to the carriage.

Andy and James were on drilling to replace broken studs in the gangway connector.

The upholsters managed to tear themselves away from the passing trains to do some more armrest work.

Mind you with the passing array of locos its not surprising it was difficult and many others also spent time spectating.

Not surprising it was difficult!

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