Friday, 26 April 2019

Wednesday - one door closes

Attendance was a little low again today but we did make some good progress.
Just as we thought the Broadway refreshment room was finished Eddie decided they needed some swing doors to shield the kitchen area.

Colin has been tasked with making the doors.

The door team are fully devoted to the doors for 34929 with 10 to restore in total and none of them in good order at present. Trevor and Mike and below Paul all working on the timber frames and strengthening them.

21092 has been moved over to the jacks for the bogies and ride heights to be checked by John along with an inspection of the underframe pipework

I spent much of the days replacing the door restraining straps on door 5. The originals did not allow the door to open sufficiently.

34929 now in the workshop was subject to much sanding and filling on the Malvern side.

Des on the mid height level

Tony on the lower and Russ on the high sections.

16221 having swapped with 21092 now has its Cotswold side better positioned for work. The window corners are much worse on tyhis side with most needing attention. Rex set about removing the rust section on thos window opening. We removed the window itself a couple of weeks ago.

He then cut and prepared new steel work. Not just the skin but in this case also the horizontal rail beneath the window opening. He left it all clamped in position for the welders on Thursday.


The removed window got the Tony Barnard treatment. it was soon cleaned and reglazed and put back on the rack ready for reinstallation.

Tony then set about doing the same with the Stretcher window. Intriguingly this window was made by a different company to the rest of the windows in the carriage. This results in a completely different set of window glazing rubber.

Spot quiz: How many different rubber types do you think were used on this window?

The lower opening section glass removed. Fitting the glass in this type of window in interesting. You put the rubber trim round the window and then lower in complete into the opening. The trick/difficult bit is the get the lip on the rubber trim to 'pop' into position. 

Penny's latest count up means they only have about six seat cushions and some side panels left to do for 16221

Quiz answer ; so far we have identified 3 different rubber sections the same number as the other window type. The only thing is they are all different across the 2 type of window in this carriage.

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