Thursday, 4 April 2019

Tuesday - Rain, hail,sleet and snow

Yes, typical April showers weather, some of it very heavy. We had eleven in today.

The first train of the day with steam beating down in the rain soaked air.
Alex puts the final touches to the two boards destined for Broadway.

Cheryl and Maurice add the final top coats to both sides of the LNWR Van.

Once again in his element, Alex adds the van number to the north end. His signwriting efforts over his latest period at home have included repainting the "GWR" on 2-8-0T 4270 and some additional bits to 7903 "Foremarke Hall".

With the centre vestibule on TSO 4986 now completed, it's back to the Painting Team to finish off the painting and varnishing in that part of the coach. Richard uses paintable sealant to fill in the gap between the door frame and internal panelling. As previously mentioned there seems to be an extra layer in this coach; normally the interior panelling would butt up against the door frame.

In the Workshop preparation of the Cotswold side of BSK 34929 continued. While John greyed up more of the windows, Stu had finished off the little bit of extra filling and sanding. With the doorways still needing more metalworking, the tape marks the limit of the area that can be painted.

Jumping ahead to the end of the day, Alex greyed up this whole section as far as possible. 

For a while the sun shone, but a peek outside soon dispelled any thoughts of improvement in the weather. Five minutes later we could hear the rain hammering on the roof of the Paintshop, or was it hail? Bob Mac, the signalman for the day, reported seeing some snow!
Ken Austin swapped days, so was in today instead of Wednesday. More of the bad sheet metal and corroded door frame was removed on the Malvern side of 34929.

Very nicely repaired with new Z bar frame and panelling, and coated in red oxide.

With the water tank problems to sort out BCK 21092 remains on the Barn through road under the safety wire to enable safe roof access. Keith did a lot of finishing off and tidying up of the paintwork, in particular where we have had to do more work on the Malvern side guards door area.

Similarly the lower panel of the Cotswold side guards door needed a fresh top coat. To protect the "GUARD" transfer Alex carefully masks each letter. The black lining out needs a touch more paint too - there's definitely "light" showing between the yellow and black in a couple of places!

Dave Hancox re-attaches the straps on the south end passenger door.

A new broom for 21092 bought by Dave, now stained, varnished and then carefully given an identity by Alex. When dry, the french chalk will be wiped away.

Two ceiling boards being undercoated, while the nearer ones require top coat. I think these are for 21092.

The new planking in the rebuilt Winchcombe platform trolley was screwed down by Derek. This is not far off completion now.

New brackets made by Derek for the refurbished sack truck, which will probably go the Broadway..

Catching 2807 a second time when the sun really was shining! Well, not for long.

Report by Dave Clark

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