Friday, 12 April 2019

Tuesday - A quiet day

Just eight in today with many small jobs being done.

Maurice top coated the sack truck which will soon be going up to Broadway.

Cheryl added a second coat of varnish to three replacement panels that will be going into SK 24804, the second of the two NYMR coaches.    

Maurice then moved on to top coating Bryan Overbury's axlebox frame and the twelve chocs destined for the Diesel Dept.

Cheryl then moved to the centre vestibule on TSO 4986 to add more varnish to the narrow panelling and beading either side of the two entrances

Back to the LNWR van, with Maurice re-taping around the main lettering in preparation for new undercoat. He and Cheryl then set about painting it.

In the Workshop John expands the greying up of the Cotswold side of BSK 34929, painting the south end.

The initial greyed area has been closely checked and chalk circles mark where more filler is required. Ainsley works on the upper levels.

The central section freshly greyed-up and awaiting the inevitable chalk marks when dry. In the background Alan sands down the new filler on the north section.

It's a purple day in the timetable, so two engines in steam. "Foremarke Hall" waits on the northbound Cotswold Express while "Dinmore Manor" drifts past with the Cheltenham train.

Report by Dave Clark

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