Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Thursday - sunshine

With the sun out again it was an opportunity to get the third rake cleaned up following the Gold Cup race train service.

The third rake completed its service at Broadway so missed the contract cleaners at Toddington. So it was back to C&W at Winchcombe to do the tidy up. There was a lot of tidying up to do inside and out.

There is a push on to get the second NYM carriage SK 24804 to serviceable levels with the 2 Richards sorting the charging circuits out underneath and Dave Hancox removing 3 badly water damaged panels for replacement.

The Freight Maintenance team were doing some more checks on possible wagons for a short freight set. Axlebox checks


and the more difficult to get at brake rigging checks. Well done Bryan!

Derek applied some sealant to the deck of the platform trolley before screwing the planks down.

On Wednesday Nick and John Varley completed the base plate and outer crash pillar repairs.

On Thursday Ken completed the door liner replacement for door 9 of the BSK 34929 (sorry no pic)

 Having encountered problems with the rivets securing the gutter to 16221 on Wednesday Bo and I started some investigations of the rivets. This required to removal of some panelling strips along the corridor. The section soon stacked up in one of the compartments!

The vacuum pump we 'found' in a store vehicle and restored last year is not holding the vacuum as well as we would wish.

John Squires set about a complete strip down and rebuild to see if cleaning absolutely everything up would improve the performance. We didn't go that far last year, well we didn't expect it to work at all then! However, it did and proved very useful so its definitely worth having another look at it now. Especially with a replacement unit in the region of £1500 plus

The upholstery team having completed another seat back for 16221 had to have a sort round putting the 'new' seat in the rake and getting the next one out. They were soon stripping the next seat down for recovering.

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