Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Saturday -

First an apology the picture seem very blurred. I obviously nee to clean the phone. Keeping It clean in an oily environment isn't always easy.

Dave spent much of the day showing various visitors round the works this group came from the Somerset & Dorset Railway.

One of the early jobs on any rebuild, this is CK 16221, is to remove the gangway connector so that we can get at the inner crash pillars and the centre of the base plate. It also enables us to check out the metal work and wood work of the gangway connector itself.


The first step of the morning had been for quick shunt swapping the 2 carriages in the barn to the opposite roads. This enabled Bob to hook up the harness and get on the roof of the BCK. Both toilets had been found to have problems when filling the tanks.

We soon identified a quick solution at the north end. However, the south end looks like being rather more problematic and we are pondering if there is an acceptable solution without removing the tanks!

George was at the north end of 34929 starting the long job of sanding and filling to get a decent finish on the carriage. He also did a big section on the Cotswold side.


 Ian having completed the shunting with Phil set about the overhaul of a vacuum cylinder.


dismantle and rebuild, including the DA Valve,

and test which at present means hang the thing and see if in the cylinder stays up! a quick scrutiny to start then go and have tea and see if its still up afterwards. If it is leave it up and see if its still up when you come next time!

Dave and the upholstery team were well into the dismantling of the latest seat back.


A seat base well underway They have asked for more seat bases! So that's a trip down the far end of the yard to the current 'store'. (looking at the forecast that may not be tomorrow!)

Steve completed the centre vestibule draught strip trimming on 4986 and has started on the north end vestibule by installing the skirting strips.

Richard and Paul have started on the jigsaw of planking the roof of the LNWR van. How to get the least waste of planking.
 There was a lot of varnishing to be done again on the paint tables.

while Bob was out in SK 24804 making a start on clearing the old flaking paint from the ceiling.

 and Alex competed the noticeboard lettering for Broadway.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Hope the S&D people enjoyed their tour.
Alex's notice boards for Broadway OD look good. The shading looks REAL.
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Thanks Paul, I was especially pleased with the final shadowing done with woodstain mixed with varnish, it came out really well.

Powli Wilson said...

The lettering on the notice boards fooled my old brain, they look as if they a wood cut letters stuck onto the board! Brill, hoping to get there on the 9th (next Tuesday) will the boards be on display or tucked away?

Alex said...

I believe Jo is collecting them today, so possibly.