Monday, 8 April 2019

Saturday - hush

It was the quietest Saturday I can remember in C&W. Just 12 plus 2 for half a day. I am not saying its anything to do with it but there were also 3 C&W members working on the train and another in the café!


Alex as TTI trying not loose his hat

Andy with more experience kept head just a little further in to prevent hat loss.

Ian and Richard extracted 21092 from the barn and parked it over the pit.

Connecting the brake rigging is definitely easier standing in the pit.

As the afternoon turns warmer Dave Hancox was found down the yard working 24006 lleaning rust and applying some red-oxide to the inner frame work under the windows.

I was down the yard with Kevin fetching more seat bases for the upholstery team. No we didn't carry them up the stairs. Just waiting for the hoist to be lowered to collect them!

John was delegated to keep the mchequette lightly tensioned for Penny to sew the sections together.

Dave busy preparing the base ready for the new cover.

Dave and Eddie put the world to rights. Well at least they negotiated just how many chocks were needed by the Diesel department.

and Dave got to start painting them. Yes I did remind him we don't paint the curved face.... (but not until he was on the last one)…. so a little more sanding work needed.

Still he did do a good job of varnishing the replacement panels for 24804

John Osborn on a delicate bit of braising for a change.

Steve has now almost completed the north end vestibule of 4986 and thus the carriage. So, I guess  with a bit more floor sealing by Paul and some final snagging of paintwork. The carriage is just about ready to go.

21092 is going to be with us a little longer after much deliberation the decision has been taken to sort out the south end water tank and deal with the wheelchair area heating. The carriage isn't due required for service in the third rake until the Gala so we have a little time to sort the 2 issues out.


Alex said...

I've never lost my hat once, unlike a certain other TTI to be found among C+W ranks... :)

PaulK said...

I see that there is a new DMU intermediate carriage on the line, will this be going through the CW workshops this year or will the DMU team be restoring it themselves?

Alex said...

I doubt it'll be going through C+W for a a year or two at least! I had a quick squint at it the other day and it doesn't look in that bad a condition - but then again, that's what we thought about the operating vehicles until we got them in.

I understand the current plan is for a 4 car and a 2 car dMU set, rather than 2 3 car sets, but I'm sure things can change.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We don't have a telescope that can see that far into the future!
You have to realise it takes us a minimum 15months a for a full overhaul. There are no 5 minute jobs. We certain clear priorities to be meet,
1. Each rake must have a brake carriage.
2 Each rake must have a wheelchair accessible carriage.
3. Each rake should have a catering vehicle.

We have just got the point of having a spare/backup brake carriage which also doubles for wheel chair access.

We have no spare catering vehicle and the operational ones are starting to age from an operational view point.

Apart from completing the north facing DMU driving carriage the next carriage and maybe 2 carriages in the queue are catering vehicles. We are just waiting for surveys to be carried out and the existing 21092 and 4986 to clear the works before one comes in. The BSK 34929 will, when its ready, become the brake in the 2nd rake with the existing brake becoming the emergency spare. We will be doing some paint only jobs on other running rake carriages in the background to all this.

That is probably the major work that will see us through the next 3/4 years.