Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Saturday - Space at last!

A smaller attendance today and a mixed one from the success point of view, but the good parts really were good!
Beginning with TSO 4986, Chris is sorting out the striker plate in the Malvern side centre doorway which needed some adjustment.

 On the opposite side Steve was working around the centre doorway during the rebuild of the centre vestibule.

Setting up the north end of the LNWR van for the roof fittings was Paul Ellis. Both he and Richard Stone had a very successful day with more good progress on the roof rebuild.

Making more good use of the cedar planking with the new end supports for the roof. The plywood template for the curved section lies below.

Note also the very robust fittings for the curved roof beams. The new roof will be extremely firm and strong to say the least!

In the Workshop George was back on the bodywork preparation on the Malvern side of BSK 34929.

One of the important jobs for today was testing the water tanks in BCK 21092. With the coach shunted out, Dennis and Malcolm took on the job. 

At the south end all was going fine except for a leaking joint at the back of the pan, which Malcolm tightened but to no avail. Then disaster when the tank was close to full, with water pouring in through the ceiling. Something definitely wrong with the top of the tank, which may mean that it has to come out.

Malcolm checks the filler pipe fitting at the north end before beginning. The tank was ok with no leaks, but there was a leaking joint on the back of the pan, the same as for the south end. Water did however pour out of the large filling point on the top of the roof. So a bit of work to do to sort all this out.

The pipework in the south end toilet maintenance cupboard.

As recently reported our vacuum cyclinder area has been overcrowded to say the least, leaving very little room for maintenance and refurbishment of these very important items. The new storage frame made by John Osborn was moved into position with the top level floored with more of the heavy cedar planking. 

All the old pallets were disposed of and new ones made again out of the cedar planking.

The crescent shaped sections are screwed on and help the cylinder to remain vertical.

The new vac cylinder area, with compact storage for both cylinders and pump trolleys, and a nice spacious section in which to work, marked out with a yellow box i.e. keep this area clear! 

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 is looking better and better, and 34929 doesn't seem a million miles away from completion either. A bit of a disappointment with 21092 and the leaks. But the LNWR van is also looking great ( I see that it is the gardening van by the tools inside).
And, finally, the vac cylinder store looks very neat indeed!
One thing that I have noted from the photos on the various blogs and also the excellent webcam at Broadway, is that the DMU operates using the red bulbs as tail lamps but in its green livery guise it would surely have used the standard tail lamp on the rear?
Regards, Paul.

crossleydd42 said...

Although you have a link on your blog to Lineside Drainage Group Flickr photos, it no longer works. Is it possible that you could find out what's happened and get it corrected, please? Thx.

David P said...

Flickr has seemingly stopped adding day/date info to views, and is also not opening views, when using Outlook Express. I have had to download Edge to be able to continue to enlarge views, and read comments, for both the drainage & PW blogs. Flickr kept saying that I was using an outdated browser, despite it being the latest OE version.

Phil said...

there is a new blog started for drainage. https://draingang.blogspot.com/