Thursday, 28 February 2019

Tuesday - Scratching around

Another gloriously sunny day with just ten attending. We are beginning to scratch around for jobs now on TSO 4986 and BCK 21092, Hopefully the latter will be able to be shunted onto the Barn jack road this weekend and the BSK can come into the Workshop. The BSK had been lowered on the jacks to enable more bodyside preparation, but in the end nothing was actually done on it.

As I was in later today I missed Cheryl adding the first top coat to the undercoated south end of the LNWR van.

Literally just a few feet away Richard Hoy was finishing off the lining out on this door on 4986.

Moving onto BCK 21092, yet more work had to be done on the Cotswold side guards door which was still slightly sticking. Maurice does the repair filling and painting.

Towards the end of the day Richard completes the job.

Back inside Dave Hancox reinstates a table leg prior to fitting it in one of the second class compartments.

All the tables have now been installed, this wider one inside one of the two first class compartments.


Window cleaning is just as important. Alan works on those for the compartment doors.

John Hamer discusses the problem at the north end corridor connection on FK 13329.

Derek carefully clamping the latest new piece of framing for the Winchcombe Station trolley prior to drilling more of the pivot hole.


Vivien still busy with the Winchcombe Station sandwich boards.

Report by Dave Clark

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