Thursday, 21 February 2019

Tuesday - Reflections

16 in attendance, with many small jobs being done, in particular with the progressing of our two parallel running coaches. With the need to make more work available we need to get BCK 21092 completed as quickly as possible, and with Tuesday being mainly a prep and painting day we had a final varnishing blitz inside.

Richard Hoy returned to the latest door for TSO 4986 now available for painting. Some further filler and sanding was followed by a final coat of light grey undercoat. We need to get this mounted before we can tape up the line positions.

It was then on to the last door fitted to give a second top coat. This will now be ready for lining out.

The south end corridor door needed some extra work. The first being to sand down the rough edge which had somehow been missed and painted over.


Dennis then repaired the bottom corner which had become soft and crumbly. The edge was then repainted in the "Exec Light grey" top coat..

Lots more things for 4986 with Bob and John preparing toilet shelving and skirting boards.

Bob Mac finished off the roof painting following the refitting of the drain channel. This including some more tidying up above the south corridor end.

Moving to the inside of BCK 21092 and our varnishing blitz, the first job was a quick vac through to clean up.

Cheryl, Stu and Maurice literally recoated both sides of the corridor, compartment doors included, and both vestibules.

The results speak for themselves, with myself taking the photo reflected in the door panel.

It was all completed relatively quickly and the relevant warning notice in place says it all. Just waiting for a fresh door back panel to be made. Internal labelling can also now be done.


With the doors and windows to the freshly varnished corridor tightly shut, Maurice works on the guards door threshold.


Alan prepares the underframe ready for a coat of red oxide for one of 21092's tables.

Into the Barn where Keith, Richard and John are back on BSK 34929 with more filling and sanding. Bob Slater returned to the Malvern side.

With the bogie work for TSO5042 completed and the coach body back down, John Hamer is checking the ride heights.

FK 13329 has been removed from the Main Rake (replaced by the NYMR SK 25488) and is sitting in the yard prior to being added to the 3rd Rake. Both Bobs tackled some of the cracking paintwork on the brown panels on both sides. This is simply a patch-up to prevent further corrosion until this coach can be brought in.

Derek preparing more wood for the Winchcombe platform trolley.

The sad state of the trolley is all too evident, not so much the removed top planking (though this will be replaced), but the underlying red framework is very poor.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Another caption for this blog could have been, 'The lady Varnishes'. Seriously, the varnished woodwork looks absolutely splendid!
the Winchcombe trolley certainly does look poorly. Perhaps it could be kept under cover when it is finished this time?
Regards, Paul.