Saturday, 16 February 2019

Thusday - Found It!

No not Thursday we know where that is! Though being a romantic lot just about everyone was in as usual.

This end seat panel which was the subject of a great hunt on Wednesday.

It transpired Paul knew where it was all along. He just doesn't come in on Wednesdays. Seemingly he had put it on top of the seat rack in the upholstery shop. He did take it away and got it fitted for us.

The yard was actually a lovely place to be sunny and nicely out of the wind all we needed was a steam train.

It was time to sort and fit the lengths of skirting board in the corridor of 21092.

Phil perhaps regretted offering to paint he new scotch block the Dave in the wood work had just produced. It transpired there was more than one. Three more ware forced into use before they even got painted. They were returned after the shunt for painting. The primer in the morning and late afternoon they were dry enough for a coat of yellow.

While waiting for the shunt to start Bob Mac who came in to be Bobby for the shunt had time to paint the pipe work on top of 21092. Sorry no Pic he was to quick.

At the other end of the paint shop door 5 for 4986 has become available for painting. Rather than fit it and risk paint flecks end up on the finished body side Richard painted it on the trestle's. Getting the lining out tape in the right pace might be interesting. This was only the base coat.

Work is starting to focus more on 34929 and Pat and Tony have started on fitting battens for the panelling to go onto. More of the unseen work that lays hidden in the finished carriage.

Some of the new wood cut ready for the third platform trolley overhaul and rebuild this winter!

Richard Bates having fitted the internals to the 2 lamps restore externally by Andy Thompson. These lamps are for 21092.


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