Monday, 11 February 2019

Thursday - Transfer Day

Another large attendance numbering 26 staff on a very interesting and satisfying day.

The highlight was undoubtedly the taking of the new counters to Broadway Station café and the means by which this was done particularly enjoyable for those involved, none of us having previously travelled in the Baguley Drewry railcar (fondly known as "Malcolm's Buggy").

They look somewhat precarious stuck on the trailer, but we had a quick stop a Toddington to ensure the various parts of the counters were still safe. Thank goodness it was a dry sunny day!

Now where is the key to open up? In some ones pocket and not at the station! 
A chilli wait in the wind and no one serving tea!

Safely home in the new café. The Woodwork Team will be going there next week to complete the installation. Grateful thanks go to Neil for helping us with the conveyance.

Also almost completed are the two GWR trolleys awaiting their final coat of paint. On top are some of the planks required for the Winchcombe Station trolley.

Back to reality with Bob Keyte giving more coats of varnish inside the south compartment of TSO 4986.

With another door now installed, Malcolm Dickson stated the prep and fitting Richard Hoy took over and smoothed down the edges. The whole door will now be prepared for painting. As Peter pointed out, we seem to have forgotten the grab handle on the nearby corner section, this being new metal.

Phil Jones carefully trims two edging strips to protect some raw edges of lino inside the north compartment of 4986.

Moving on to BCK 21092, Dave Hancox fits the newly varnished sliding door stops. Now where have the rubber impact stops that should go on these gone?!

Good to have Alan back after a spell away, here fitting a new piece of window framing in the corridor.

Robert Wells back again, this time in the north toilet compartment and lightly sanding before continuing the top coating started the day before.

Ted Ellis from our Maintenance Team preparing the battery holder for one of the two tamps being converted to LED and destined for 21092.

Inside the new seating area of BSK 34929 Tony and Pat are fixing battens ready for the new wall panelling.


At the opposite end a new cross-spar had previously been fitted a little high. As such a cut was made at both ends, here being done by Bryan.

On the Malvern side Nick prepares to weld the cut in the lowered top hat bar.

Ken completes the second of two new corridor end U sections.

With red oxide applied to both, Ken proudly displays them. An excellent job!

On to outside activities with Richard Budd and Ted Ellis busy improving the electrics on the side of the battery box under RBr 1672. This part of the main rake is in Platform 1.

Paul busy cleaning more of the main rake, with this section in Platform 2.

 Also from the main rake is TSO 5042 now in the Barn to have wheelset changes.


Moving SK 25488 from its temporary location by the side of the Barn, the coach is shunted back to one of the yard sidings.

Where I can get at it to finish its basic cleaning. It could probably do with more but judging by the blackened water and rags I seem to have removed a lot of grime.

Report by Dave Clark


David Arnold said...

Fantastic addition to the Broadway cafe. Well done C and W.

Malcolm Yates said...

where are the GWR trolleys destined for?

Malcolm Yates said...

Are both GWR trolleys going to Winchcombe?