Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday - sunshine

Just 9 signed in today due the snow. as we gathered the varied amounts of snow around became evident varying from none to the north of Winchcombe to 8" plus to the south. Andy arrived from Luton taking on 20 minutes more than usual despite a precautionary detour.

With the sun shining
Ian, Phil and John Hamer were soon involved in some shunting giving the replacement bogies under 25488 a shack down by running up and down the yard. It was then measure for ride heights and after some adjustments another shack down and recheck.

Peter Holt was also in to do a test of the water tanks and toilets the tank is good but one of the toilets leaks. So parts will be assembled to fix that before it goes into service.


Phil then set about completing the light fittings overhaul and checks for 21092.

In ther salon arera of 21092 Dave Hancox was having trouble with a leg on the central seat.

and Paul tested the upholstery teams work

before getting down to helping Dave with his wooden leg.

Dave then positioned the seats ready for the upholstery team to fit the side panels and then the seats themselves into their final position.

While Phil's lights also fitted the near final appearance of the small salon area of 21092.

That door. It features again as the bottom was filled sanded re undercoated and late in the day first top coated. (I also painted the top edge of the door. It was  missed again!)

On 4986 Richard applied the transfer lettering.

While Ian and Andy changed the buckeye couplers on both ends. The first one took around half an hour the second one over 2 hours.  That the way it goes sometimes.

John Squires was busy tidying uo the pipe store area and the thread cutter

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