Saturday, 16 February 2019

Saturday - Back on Top

Busy days are regulation for C&W during the close season so there was yet more shunting progressing for much of the day in the yard. Much of it was focused on arranging carriages ready for the race trains. However, some of it was also sort out and identifying some wagons for a short Gala freight train. These will all need an fitness to run exam and 'service' in the next few weeks.

Bob was back on top a carriage again today this time 4986 where I assisted him in refitting this drain channel. It was removed to repair a hole underneath it. Having sealed it all round to stop the water getting under it again Bob primed and undercoated it. It just remains for a top coat to go on.

Below us, literally Steve was fitting out the toilets inside the carriage.

while Phil was fitting the sinks in 21092.

The skirting in the corridor of 21092 was completed as was the pelmet over the doors. Sorry for the fuzzy pic I was more intent on avoiding end up with a shot Dave's backside!

Andy has found another carriage lamp to start work on!

Thinking ahead Ken is preparing the gangway connector that will go on the end of CK 7221 when it finally makes it into the works. Most of the nuts came off which is good news only 12 of the 48 studs will need replacing.

More skirting board sections being prepare tho' I don't know where for!

Paul and Richard have started painting the outside of the LNER van which has now externally dried out. the inside is still fairly wet. Though much better than when we brought it into the works when the wheel barrow INSIDE was full of water!

Chris set about the fettling checks on the doors of 21092 This guide needed some attention.

We had been expecting a delivery of steel on Tuesday. It still hadn't arrived on Thursday but we did get a delivery of wood we weren't expecting on Thursday so we had to just stack it and wait for Eddie to come and direct storage operations. As it happened, presumably on Friday when we are not in the steel did arrive so got left outside.

This today we had to move and store both masses of wood and lots of steel. Saved on anothr months gym membership!

Later in the day John was already cutting up the fist lengths ready for a vacuum cylinder rack.


Daily mayell said...

good to hear that a new freight rake for the Gala will show off all your hard work on wagons. We have not seen them running and they offer good photo shots

Will it be possible to have the Monster and Siphon wagons out on display ,and maybe a mixed traffic rake with some MK1 brake coaches to offer special photo and travel rides ( ££ ) ,even up and down the sidings ? john M .

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry John. Not possible all carriage for operational use, ie carrying passengers, even up and down the sidings have to have fit to run exam.

We don’t have the resources. We are putting together a special team just to look at the 6 or so wagons identified for a small freight.

Alex said...

Not possible this time perhaps, but there have been serious suggestions to run the Siphon G before now and it would be good to develop the resources so that we can run a "proper" freight train again when the loop at Broadway opens allowing us to do so from a timetable point of view. As you say though, with a special team to do freight FTR exams and only 6 wagons needed, doing a 7th surely not stretching them, given enough notice? The Siphon would fit well tacked onto one of the shorter rakes for the gala.

Several railways actually run freight trains on normal operating days both to maintain competencies for staff and to provide additional interest to passengers. This would make it more worthwhile for C+W to keep an operational rake of freight vehicles running too. Again, not possible right now but a reasonable ambition for the future - we should always be trying to move forward with new ideas and attractions, and the desire to run a freight train more often is much more reasonable than hoping for more track mileage!