Friday, 18 January 2019

Wednesday - Woodwork

Wednesday is always a busy day for the woodwork with most of the team in that day.

Craig was completing the Centre door Cotswold side of 4986

but the main focus was the Broadway counter with the final sealing of screw and nail holes

Then it was on with the staining of the interior of the cupboards.

while the doors were being made.

Also on doors Paul but this time the panelling for a 4986 door.

Inside the carriage Steve was fitting the new strip lights while the up holster teams efforts were clear to see.

The  team were working at the other end of the carriage finishing with just a few seats to complete the installation of all of the backs.


They were following Penny as she fitted the arm rests. The box was full when she started!

Ken is making a U section for the gangway connector from scratch such are the skills avialable to us at present.

More final cleaning up. This time radiator cover grills from 21092.

The winter shut down rotation of carriages continued with another one brought in raised and the brakes checked out and adjusted along with a prior check of the ride heights.


Gordon Smith said...

I can't work out what a "gangway connector" is.

Eric O said...

It's an inverted U-shaped steel section that forms the corridor connection at the ends of carriages.