Thursday, 31 January 2019

Tuesday - That's better!

A generally good day with a lot of very good progress.

Bob and Pete, our lino contractors, were back in to do TSO 4986. With the required pattern marked out by the heavy paper, Pete cuts out the lino accordingly.

Bob fits the lino required in the centre vestibule. The job was completed and the result looked very good. They will be back when DMU 51405 returns to have its refurbishment completed.

Meanwhile, the gang were back to complete the lining out on 4986. Cheryl adds the black to the lower line on the Cotswold side. In the background is Alex, blacking the top line. He works incredibly quickly and had already got to the centre.

Stu and Maurice were on the Malvern side doing the yellow lines.

Alex again, with his trademark of used dangling tape. He works in short sections, using two tape rolls (sitting in the gutter). As soon as a reasonable section is done, the tape is off, and he's into the next section. His speed is amazing. By the late afternoon the yellow on the Malvern side had dried sufficiently and he then got all the black done too! All that remains are some bits of inner doorframe which we left because of the lino laying.

Job done!

Stu glossing the charging point and fuse box.

Last job of the day, painting the communication cord flag.


Into the Workshop and BCK 21092, with Richard Fairhurst preparing the north end toilet compartment for painting.

John Hughes repositions the bottom block on the back of the guards door, which had to be raised to enable the new lino to be fitted.

However 21092 was about to bite us yet again - it really has been a problematical coach to say the least! The door still would not open fully, the left hand side hitting the lino a few inches from the wall. Dennis tries to clear what he can, but in the end the door was removed to see what we could do to resolve this.

Back to the Barn for more filling and sanding on BSK 34929, with Cheryl and Keith working on the modified south end. Further work was being done on the Malvern side.

Job completed with a further coating of red oxide.

Moving over to TSO 25488 and our cosmetic tidy-up. Phil Jones on the Malvern side and Richard Hoy on the Cotswold side.

That's better! Two sections of the Malvern side tidied up - Phil's door, and further along done by Richard earlier.

The couplings are completed and are now ready to hang on the new rack in the Barn entrance.

Vivien, with her FOWS "hat" on, redoing the station exit sandwich board.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Much achievement indeed!
Well done on 4986 and the other two vehicles.
Regards, Paul.

Nelson Street said...

Fascinating work and much appreciate your comprehensive reports, looks like this time a gremlin has gotten in as several photographs are repeated.