Monday, 21 January 2019

Thursday - Certainly all go

Another very busy day, much of the activity concentrated in the Workshop, Barn and outside.

Our over-winter cleaning continues. With the main rake now in Platform 2 (allowing "Construction and Maintenance" staff access to Platform 1 for repairs), Paul is back out but this time on the Malvern side.

Dennis was back inside, not just cleaning but identifying any problems. In this case the side headrest in one of the compartments in FK 13329 is distinctly loose.

It's certainly all go in the Barn at the moment with more coach swapping as SK 24949 is replaced by FO 3132 "Mary". Tony, who is also a Train Manager on GWR, guides Phil in with "Mary", ready for the bogie change.


Back into the Barn for a shot of our new coupling rack now completed and in use. What with the new scotch rack on the opposite side, that's a whole lot better!

Returning through the Barn to find a mini-conference in progress!

Nipping up into BSK 34929 to find Pat and Bob Slater working on the inner wooden frame for one of the new windows.

In the Workshop Derek is busy with the handle of the second platform trolley.

Four painted trolley wheels.

The trolley belonging to the station awaits its turn. Derek says this will be the last one and who can blame him!

In the north vestibule of BCK 21092 Bob Keyte is back on varnishing, producing that lovely mirror finish that gradually appears with repeated coatings.


The south vestibule is already looking very good. We will try and get three coats done in the corridor and vestibules - not quite in the Orient league with their 14 coats, but certainly good enough for us. The results in SK 25451 were amazing!

Despite Tony Barnard's efforts to get some of the Formica from the BCK sorted out, in the end the amount of broken or badly tarnished panels was just too much. As such some new wood panels have been put in the toilet compartments, while Gerry lightly sands the existing panels to roughen them ready for painting. At least the toilets, guards compartment and corridor, and disabled compartments will now all match with the lovely Executive Grey paint.

Robert with still more tidying up of the guards compartment painting, before adding more paint to the floor.

Bryan was doing a considerable amount of work adding the new footboards on both 21092 and TSO 4986.

Just a brief mention of TSO 4986 this time with Richard and Jeff adding second top coat to more window frames.

Jeff later applying the first top coat to this door.


Back to the Workshop where Ken Austin is "squaring-up" his newly created top part of the replacement U-section for the corridor connection on (I think) BSK 34929.


With the whole U-section now complete, Kens cleans up the welds.


Report by Dave Clark


John Carroll said...

Have to admit when I have been varnishing on my boat 10 coats is the minimum.

Paul Wilson said...

That'll teach you not to buy a boat constructed from timber!!

Pauliwallie from Dunton

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Our varnishing is only for internal use but we still put atleast 3 on more if there is time.