Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Saturday - making parts

A frequent cry all C&W departments across the country have to contend with is why have you got all those old coaches laying around you will never restore them. This somewhat misses the point that most of them are either waiting to be restored, are full of spare part or indeed are the spare parts themselves.

You can't buy many bits for a Mk1 carriage or any other heritage carriage off the shelf. Although I have just ordered 3 exchange buckeye couplers at around £1000 each!

So for most of the bits we need we have to overhaul or make new ourselves. The upholstery team are adept at this. John and Penny working on replacement side panel arm rests for 21092.

while Dave prepare the next one for 21092 we need 18. yes it would normally be 20 but the carriage has an unusual arrangement where 2 compartments have been merged together..

some extra padding for the edge of the armrest so that is wont wear out quite so quickly.

Now the flooring has been laid the seats that were already prepared have been retrieved for those storage carriages and are now in 21092 ready to be installed.

and the compartment door tracks are being reinstalled. We won't put the doors on until the seats are in. Its a tight enough squeeze to get the seats through the doorway without the doors in place; they reduces the opening by another inch.

Steve was making some new supports for the small shelf that fits in the corner of the toilet compartments.

While Richard was busy making roof beam supports for the LNER wagon

Not original but they will support the old roof bars which have rotted away at the ends. Replacing the beams is way to expensive for what is in all practical purposes a garden shed on wheels. The wagon having a wooden chassis will never be used in a freight train. so is a static exhibit and makes a great shed for the Friend of Winchcombe who look after the station. 


The last threshold for 4986 in place ready for the flooring screed and floor next week.

Alex back it time for some lining out.

I think he only come to make big balls of masking tape!

On the other side Jeff was also lining out.

In the barn checks on the under side of 25488 continue now the bogies have been exchanged. we have to trace the steam heat leak. Yep its over the bogie as indicated by the chalk mark on the sole bar.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Talking of wooden chassis etc., when I was in Kidderminster Junction box one time in the late 1970's, there was a through freight taking a breather in the down loop. As I looked, one of the wagons looked unusual. I told the signalman and put on my HV vest and went to have a look. the wagon was not only wooden chassised but also had dumb buffers, and yes, they were lock buffered! The driver was told of the situation and he said that he would pull forward slowly to try and unlock them. He duly pulled forward and then I noticed that the offending wagon looked even more unusual in its stance. I went and had another look and, yes, it was OFF THE ROAD! Fortunately we still had a C&W examiner based in the yard and he managed to fettle the problem with the aid of re-railing bars, but it just goes to show that these wagons were still running on the main line in the 70's - but we never saw another one!
hope you found this of a little interest.
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

That's incredible that a dumb-buffered wagon managed to slip through the net for so long, they were barred from the mainline decades before weren't they? I wonder how it got there...
Thanks for sharing,