Monday, 15 July 2019

Tuesday - Mainly DMU again

Another very warm day, and another enjoyable tour given in the afternoon.
Stu cleaned many of the windows in DMU 51405, a distinct improvement following all the work that has gone on inside.

Lots of burnishing of the door kick plates. Despite all the repainting of ceilings, windowsills, etc, and all the reupholstering that had previously been done, it's the little things like this, that if left, can still make the interior look seedy. It's amazing the difference this makes.
John levels another of the doorway threshold plates.

Another excellent result.

Richard painted more of the visible skirting in Rail Blue.

Later in the day Keith added another coat of the green gloss to the interior door bases.

Maurice finished off the guard's desk from BSK 34929, reattaching the lid, adding a bit more paint where required, and then putting back the metal fixings.
Cheryl finished off the yellow painting on the grids for the Lineside Drainage gang.

And of course left another of her lovely "wet paint" notices!

John Hamer was adjusting the spring settings on the north bogie on SK 24804, hence the use of the heavy clamp.

The trains of the day had "P & O" looking superb on the main rake with Neil Carr driving.

While the Maroon Rake also looked good with 4270 in charge with Ben Evason driving.

Report by Dave Clark

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Thursday -

Attendance moved up again after a few quieter Thursdays. 

One urgent job that did need doing was the removal of SO 4798 from the front of the 3rd Rake. The coach was placed on the pit road.

The reason? There was a problem with the lock on Door 3, which when examined was in need of attention. With the coach now available of our side of the yard, the Door Team will have far better access to resolve the problem.

For Bob Keyte it was back to ceiling painting in SK 24804. Only two compartments have been done so far, but with all the other repairs, this is turning into a very nice coach, and ideal for the 4th Rake and as a substitute when coaches from the three rakes are withdrawn for repairs and repainting.

Across the Barn and CK 16221, where Bob Mac was extracting the old electric heaters.

Back from holiday it was business as usual for Ken, continuing the rebuild at the south end of the coach.
Bryan has an interesting little job, repairing the locks for the emergency window in 16221.

Also in the Barn was Derek, making yet more wheelset stands.

The completed vacuum cylinder workbench is placed in its new home.
In the Paintshop Dave Hancox is priming more cleaned-up steps.

Anyone who has painted intricate metal garden gates will empathise with this job! The large grid in particular will take some manhandling by the Lineside Drainage Team when they come to transport it to its final location.

The guards desk from BSK 34929 returns to the Paintshop for its final coat. Phil chats to Pat on the way.
The one side of the desk was somewhat broken at the base. A bracing piece was cut and screwed in, making a strong repair.

The second top coat could now go on.

On to DMU 51405 with Richard Hoy painting a square of the Exec Light Gey to cover up some part broken and badly tarnished Formica.
Pat was makling repairs to the top of the south end doorway.

Tony was fixing the panel to the back of this door.

Rob was preparing a new panel for the back of the neighboring doorway

Bryan, Tony and Pat put back more of the luggage racks.

The south compartment now looking a lot better with the new panelling and corridor door back in place.

The loose seat backs and cushions are also going back in this view towards the cab. Still a reasonable amount to do, but we feel we are at last getting there.

After checking that the toilets at the north end of SK 25488 in the main rake were ok, we took the opportunity to enjoy a bit of station ambience.
Turning round provides a very satisfying view of the station and our Works.

Report by Dave Clark

Wednesday - Door!!!

A busy day with a big crowd in attendance that allowed a lot to be done especially to doors or doorways.

34929 Doorway 1 was being prepared ready for the hinges to be positioned. An adjustment had to be made to the centre hinge plate. this is not unexpected when we have rebuilt the entire pillar.

Paul  was rather further along with Door 2 which he got hung and working nicely.


 I joined Craig for an investigation of the door on 4798 which has been reported as having issues. After a thorough investigation which included dismantling the lock mounting we decided to remove the carriage from service so that we can make a full repair. A job for the week-end and next Wednesday.

Back in the workshop Mike agrees the way forward for this door from 34929

Derrick then started on the removal of the old and rotting frame  A complete new frame will be installed.

Derrick got some assistance from Derek
We also had a report  of issues with a door on 3132 so we made up a replacement glass pane as it appeared the original had become detached from the carrier. Here the carrier is being glues to the glass and its all clamped in position while the glue sets.

The welder were also working on door openings with Nick on the Malvern side of CK 16221

while Ken started on the end section plating over the new crash pillars on the Cotswold side. Note both are using the new welding masks with airflow attachments. The air flow creates a positive flow of free air past the face keeping any welding fumes well away from the face as per the latest HSE guidance note.

 after the welding the clean up

Bryan is investigating the locking system for the stretcher window. Not a straight forward task as some of the parts are broken and new parts will need making. Some of the parts laid out
Phil was working his way through the wall light fittings making up and refurbishing a set for the CK

Rex investigating and then prepared a door pillar base ready for the welders to restore with new sections of steel work

Roger working on another door, this one is one of the pair that will form the access way into the new saloon area on 34929. A double door to allow the width for wheelchairs.

Richard has nearly completed the template for the inner window woods for 16221.

 The drain grills have now reached full undercoat

Eddie spent the day profiling section for the Broadway footbridge.

One of many sections completed during the day.