Thursday, 17 January 2019

Saturday - Almost all the usual things

A very well attended day with nearly 30 staff in.

It might not be the running season, but the coaches still get a good clean. Phil chats to Paul while he is busy with the outside of RBr 1672.

Inside FO 3132 "Mary" Dennis vacuums up all the detritus from the removed Christmas decorations - the little coloured strips seem to get everywhere!

With our two restorations going well it was time to bring in our flooring contractors, Bob and Pete. A coating of screed was put in almost all of BCK 21092, leaving out the Guards compartment and another compartment where the existing lino was in very good condition.


There was a lot of activity both in and on TSO 4986. Steve was busy in the south vestibule, refitting one of the toilet maintenance cupboard doors.

While inside the north compartment a veritable transformation was well underway. John attaches seating side panels.

A general view of the new seating with John, Penny and Jenny working hard.


Craig was busy with the fitting of the new wood thresholds for the central vestibule.


Martin spent a lot of time completing as far as possible the painting at the south end of the coach.

Chris worked on two of the doors for 4986. In the first photo he is removing some broken bits of old screws.

George began the undercoating of the large number of primed footboards, some of which will be for 4986.

While the rest of the Upholstery team were busy in 4986, Dave was relegated to a general sort of screws, nails, bolts, etc, etc. "I know my place!"


In the Barn, John Hamer and Andy were tightening up the nuts holding the keep plate on this bogie axle.

More progress with the LNWR van as another of the cleaned up roof beams is relocated by Richard and Paul.


Richard prepares another securing block for the next beam.

John Osborn marking up the location points for the securing brackets on the new coupling frame in the Barn.

Dennis surfing for further supplies

Eddie displays the top section of the new counter for Broadway Station cafe.

A packed Mess Room is now the norm for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


Paul as usual doing a great job, not just making the tea on Thursdays and Saturdays, but doing all the clearing up afterwards. Thankfully he is well supported by the various washers-up.


Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 14 January 2019

Thursday -A whole lot going on

A third of January gone already. Time passes too quickly when you have a lot to try and do in our short closed season. Another large number in thankfully and so a lot of work done. Not photographed was Richard Bates working on more electrics underneath new SK 25488, and inside FO 3122 "Mary", Dennis Richards and others working on loose centre headrests on two of the seats. The latter may well be a perpetual problem which we could well do without.

Starting with TSO 4986, the final two little bits of capping strip were fitted the day before, so after a bit of filling and sanding down Cheryl was able to apply an initial top coat to another large panel. I love that hat!

In the centre on the Malvern side of the coach Richard works on yet another of the doorframes. Sanding was done very carefully and gently with that wet panel close by.


Inside 4986 Phil Jones had several jobs including painting the seat legs black, and later using fine wire wool to clean up the metal window frames. The frames came up very well with much of the tarnish removed.
With three restorations on the go we need lots of new footboards, even for the temporary bogies underneath 4986. Robert Wells primes another batch [mental note: I must check my supplies of dark grey undercoat and black gloss!].


Amongst the jobs done by Martin was more sanding of the table top edges for BCK 21092. When stripped back to bare wood, the edges are re-varnished and come up very well.


Tony takes a break while sanding the old glue off the back of another section of Formica panel from one of the toilet compartments 21092. In the background is the reinforcing section of hardboard that will be stuck on the Fomica. I didn't make it down to "Mary" where Dennis was doing a great job fixing the loose headrests, but at least I have him in a photo.

Having carefully glued on the hardboard, Tony adds weights to ensure a good seal. As well as old brake blocks, borrowed wheels from one of the GWR trolleys come in very handy for this job!

Over on the milling machine Bryan is creating some new circular connections for the metal flags used to indicate the pulling of a coaches communication cord.


When possible we like to set up things in readiness. To this effect Nick is cutting new lengths of box tube which we use to replace corroded underfloor cross spars (as was done on BCK 21092). Nick has already surveyed underneath BSK 34929 and identified some that will need replacing. 

John Varley then cuts the ends of the tubes to the required shape.


Climbing into BCK 21092 where Pat is completing the rebuild of the inner frame of the window that had to be removed for the panel repairs.

Bob Keyte adds more "Executive Light grey" top coat to the disabled compartment in the BCK.

- In the Barn it was wheelset changing following the arrival of the re-turned wheelsets from St Philips Marsh GWR Depot.


John Hamer is replacing one of the spacer plates above a bogie spring.

Ken Reeves cleans up a bolt from the bogie.


Our new 03 driver Ian dismounts while shunting one of the bogies. Judging by the shine on the leading wheelset, this is one of the ones returned.


John and Ian survey the remains of a flat on a wheelset.

Fitting the wheels and brake blocks on the second of the two GWR trolleys. What a really great job this is, especially as it was originally intended as a background fill-in that usually falls into the "when we can get around to it" category. Well done Derek!

Report by Dave Clark


Wednesday - Carriage what carriage

With the work on both 21092 and 4986 nearing completion you cound be forgiven for thinking we weren't working on them today.
There was work on getting a set of tables together with the edges sanded ready for varnishing these will go into 21092

The side panels were being put in place in 4986 by the upholstery team. This at last starts to make the carriage look  like it will be ready before to long.

The door team were working there way through the panelling for the 6 doors of 4986. They have reached around the half way mark.

While Craig was sorting one of the last 2 thresholds ready for floor laying.

There is a lot of sorting of wheel sets and bogies with some being sent away for wheel turning to remove some flats spots. A job that at present we can only do during the close season. Once we have the new coaches ready for service it may be possible to swap all year round which would ease the pressure at this time of year.

While we are doing them we also strip the sets and check the guides the axles and the axleboxes.

Along with the Springs and spring bearers.

More steady progress from Derek on the platform trollies.

Detail of the underside from wheel mount which he had made from scratch following the rasther rotten pattern of the original.

The coupling hanger got a coat of paint. Cream undercoat for the final top coat yellow

The later Mk1's started to use a lot of Formica and the early stuff doesn't always survive that well.  Tony cleaning up a section from one of the toilets to see if it is still usable. Cleaned up it has been stuck to a new backing board which should see it have many more years of service.

The Gangway U hoops also suffer with rust at the lower ends. Ken set about rebuilding one with some new channel.

We may have a new(ish) workshop but when you start making wall display cabinets The benches are not always big enough. Ed assembling the top unit.

I am not absolutely sure but I think this is still upside down. The centre section will be mirrored.