Friday, 14 December 2018

Wednesday - Coming together

Another busy day with wood sections in all directions.

Eddie and Geoff contemplate the next step having assembled the front counter unit for the Broadway café.

Des has applied the move varnish to the front face of the unit.

Ah. Yes that is what comes next. The wood panels for the back unit in the café. ready to start assembly next week.

Alongside that we are still working on carriages. Really we are! Some more gangway wood sections cut.

The door team are getting well into the panels for the doors on 4986 now.

The first set out for varnishing.

Rex fitted the floor back in the south end toilet of 21092 the north end will be done tomorrow. The light wood is new and the dark the original section that is still in excellent condition so not replaced.

Bryan took on the challenge of applying some levelling compound to the corridor.

It wasn't quite all wood work. Ken having completed the pillar repairs


made and started on fitting the first section of the new south end skin of 4867

Carefully avoiding all the woodwork, Craig and Bob were both working on door liners and capping strips, Ainsley

and Des continued the first top coat of 4986.

while Derek painted up the metalwork for the second platform trolley.

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