Thursday, 20 December 2018

Tuesday - One step back

With the bodyside painting on the BCK 21092 just about completed (or so we thought), there was a greater concentration on TSO 4986, especially with the doors now going on and working.

Richard Fairhurst worked on the centre door on the Malvern side of the TSO, generally cleaning up the old paintwork and adding filler where needed. There are still things needing to be done to this door, but it opens and closes well.

The north end door and door frame had similar treatment by Adrian.

The Cotswold side centre door is also completed and as such Maurice was able to clean up the door sides and base of the back before painting in light grey undercoat.

Jumping to the end of the day with Alex (back from Sheffield for the Christmas period) adding some more cream top coat to the Cotswold side of the TSO.

"The bells, the bells!". Richard Hoy, doing a fair impression of poor Quasimodo, works on the recently replaced window on the BCK.

Alex initially began his day correcting the misplaced demarcation line on the north end of the BCK.

While doing this he noticed a considerable number of runs in the top coat on all the cream panels in the photo. While un-noticed in the Paintshop, with the coach changeover to the Workshop and lower overhead lights, the paint runs were very visible. So a step back and somewhat frustrating with the paintwork supposedly completed and the transfers on.

 Later in the day with the runs sanded out and the demarcation correction underway, and all given a light undercoating..

Phil was busy doing some tidying up of the lining out, while Alan had completed the gloss blacking of the sole bar before moving on to the steps on this side of 21092.

Alan cleans up a coach end grab handle which we found hidden under a number of items leaning against the wall at the north end of the Workshop. Which coach was this off?

Further progress with the second GWR platform trolley. This is where the arm of the handle is attached to the front axle of the trolley. The old wooden pivot block is temporarily put in place to complete the picture - a new one will be made to replace

Report by Dave Clark

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