Friday, 14 December 2018

Tuesday - Home straight

Lucky 13 in attendance on a bright sunny day.

The outside appearance of BCK 21092 is changing rapidly, with external painting now on the home straight. Busy black lining out the remaining parts of the Malvern side, Cheryl applies more of the low impact yellow tape as Dennis catches up with the news.

On the Cotswold side, in the background Richard Hoy tapes up more of the lower line ready for black lining, while Adrian makes a good start on the blackwork (i.e. grab rails, door handles and stops, and droplight bars).

The Cotswold side north end at the end of the day with the body side completed. The upper steps will need painting, while the brackets for the lower guards steps need to be rewelded to the side of the bogie.


More work was required inside the north end corridor connection on the inner door frame. Ainsley went on to paint up more of the inside, which he intended to complete the next day.

At the opposite end of the coach Dennis attempts to make a better fit of the side section of the inner part of the door frame. The door at this end slides very well after his previous work here.

The two lower guards steps on the Malvern side were somewhat loose, so Dennis first removes the old rusted bolts. With new bolts now fitted the steps are once more secure. All the steps around the coach will be repainted in due course.

The Malvern side tank filler pipes have yet to be fitted. Both were in a pretty grotty state and needed some major cleaning up. Richard Fairhurst is well on the way to completing his, which is the one for the north end of 21092.

Maurice tackled the one for the south end of the coach and, now fully cleaned up, he applies a coat of oxide. The new extension pipe and connection can be seen.

Moving into the Workshop and Bob is doing the same job on the filler pipes at the south end of TSO 4986, removing masses of thick flaking paint.

Bryan prepares the door liner at the north end of 4986 for the capping strip. It was good to see him back in after a convalescence, and a change of day too as he normally works Wednesdays and Thursdays.

After all the noisy cleaning up of the filler pipes, a quiet relaxing job for Bob adding more varnish to the centre vestibule veneer panelling.

Into the Barn to find John and Dave discussing TSO 4867. Disappointingly after all the efforts to make it work again, the vacuum pump still didn't behave as expected. So at the moment it looks like the borrowed Santa Special loco will be testing the vacuum system as well as that for the steam heating; either that or the 03 of course.


Derek was having another busy day with the second GWR trolley, the deck of which received a coating of deck oil. The holes were drilled and long bolts fitted to the heavy wood section lying on top.


Finally, it was nice to see S&T's Baguley-Drewery staff car (which we nicknamed Malcolm's Buggy) in action and still looking good after it's repairs and repaint several years ago. In tow is the recently re-planked truck with the cable drum frame back in position.

Report by Dave Clark

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