Sunday, 23 December 2018

Thursday - New arrivals

It was quite a day with the highlight obviously being the arrival of our new coaches on a 10-year loan from the NYMR. With the Christmas and New Year period fast approaching, attendance was down for a Thursday. However a very sure sign of the festive season was our Mess Room worktop which was covered with all sorts of yummy edibles.  After all the hard work, why not enjoy it? The diet starts next year!

Beginning with the Paintshop and TSO 4986 where a number of small jobs were in progress. Ainsley begins painting the underneath of the tops of window slider openings on the Cotswold side of the coach. Somehow these had been left.


Richard Hoy was doing the same on the Malvern side, or so I thought. In fact he was in conversation with Richard Budd, as they both stated, "watching the paint dry!".

The latter's partner in electrics, Richard Bates, was fitting new batteries to 4986 and busy painting on the serial numbers. This system enables them to record and keep track of all the batteries fitted throughout our three rakes of coaches.

Returning later to the opposite side to find Richard Budd doing the same.


Bob Keyte was back to ceiling painting in the north end vestibule. I think this was the final coating.

Alex working on the Malvern side north corner and door, filling where required.


The end of the day result, all in undercoat Light Grey. We need to get the demarcation tape up!


Back to Bob K undercoating the tank filler pipes at the south end. He had previously black glossed the filler pipes in the foreground which belong to BSK 34929 in the Barn.

With the north end corridor connection work done by Ken now finished, Jeff completed the paintwork.

Into the Workshop and BCK 21092 with Bryan adding more of the floor levelling compound in the corridor.

This time NOBODY is going in! (apparently some did last time and left large footprints in the still wet levelling compound)

Back to the north end paint repairs which were almost completed by Jeff and Alex - just a bit of the lining out to redo when the cream and brown are dry.

All things electric with Richards Bates and Budd (fondly known as Richard I and Richard II), our Maintenance Team electricians.

We are in the final days of this year's Santa Specials and so we dash out to see what's in steam and find that "P & O" is beginning another of its running sessions.

Are those really Santa's trousers on your head Bob?! Bob Slater, one of Santa's elves for the day, takes a break from C&W.


Back inside the Workshop Derrick uses the new pillar drill to bore the holes in a new length of bracing bar for the GWR platform trolley.

Bracing bars - one old, one new.

The two carmine-and-cream SKs on loan from the NYMR were brought down by Neil Carr behind the Class 73 in the early afternoon and then parked by the O3 for this picture. 24804 and 25488 are with us for 10 years The prime reason for getting them is provide us with some spare capacity. We have had no spare operational carriage for several years meaning any issue with a carriage and we are running one short! No more. They will both need a little remedial work but nothing serious.

After an internal inspection of both coaches, with the late afternoon turning into evening, John Hamer and I trudged back towards the Works. In the distance the station with the final Santa Special for the day looked very festive.

Report by Dave Clark


Bryan said...

What work will be needed on the 2 NYMR carriages?

Is there any plans for them, overhaul wise, while on the GWSR?

Mark said...

I'm wondering the same thing as well, though being an NYMR life member, I'm actually surprised the line's sent the two vehicles out on loan.

When I last visited the Moors back in September, I did notice they were both out of use, along with fellow SK 24984, BSO 9274, and TSOs 4990, 4555 and 4597, so I thought they were struggling for coaches themselves.

One theory I have is that the NYMR don't need compartment stock at the moment, and they plan to overhaul the TSOs pretty soon, cause the BSO was at Pickering yard looking like it would be next into the works, but it is just a theory right now.

If there is a plan to overhaul both vehicles while they're at the GWSR, I do have one polite request: Can you keep the seat covering in 24804 as it currently is, if it's possible of course?


Alex said...

It appears NYMR are only interested in open stock, so they weren't too fussed about losing a couple of SKs.

Given that we have them for 10 years we will have to overhaul them at some point - at least a repaint! There's a few things, a couple of bits of internal wooden panelling are peeling, a few stuck dtoplights, a couple of rusty spots etc. I don't think the upholstery will be changed, it looked in fairly good condition bar the odd small bit so I'd be surprised if we did.