Monday, 3 December 2018

Thursday - Four on the go

A good number attending and some good progress with the four coaches currently in the Works.

Jeff adding the top coat to the north end corridor slider on BCK 21092. He then went onto the south end to undercoat that door.

Richard Hoy adds some filler to a repaired doorframe on the Malvern side.

While Bob Keyte second top coated the large lower panel on the Malvern side, Phil Jones and Richard did likewise on the Cotswold side starting at opposite ends.

Richard ends his day with some minor bits of painting, in this case the lamp brackets.

With all ceilings now top coated (bar the missing panels) Bob removes the masking tape while it still comes off - the cream tape really sticks if left too long.

Richard Budd installing the special light that will allow the guards safer descent when services end after dark. A slow release button has been installed in the guards compartment with the light positioned under the steps on both sides.


In the corridor Alan checks the fitting of a window handrail.

And later on refitting wall panelling.

Ken loosens more of the bolts from the somewhat odd corridor connection bellows at this end of the coach. It will be replaced by a proper rubber version.

It's Pat's last day in the Works for a while, so making the most of another coach end to paint he gloss blacks part of the south end of TSO 4986. With pipework to reinstate in this area not all of this end could be top coated.

John, who will doing the pipework, busy with the metal saw.

At the north end doorway on the Cotswold side of the coach Malcolm fits one of the capping strips.

Into the Barn where Gerry continues the metalworking at the south end of TSO 4867


One of the removed windows from 4867 had a broken quarterlight which Ken removed.


Tony Barnard was soon at the outer side of the frame removing the old paint.


Tony Baker was planning down the centre of a base section of window lining for BSK 34929, before testing the fitting.

Back to 4867 where Dave Hancox is removing the loose paint from the centre vestibule ceiling. It's very much see what you get with this as there are several layers of paint and we want to check that it's not painted Formica.

Derek busy with more for the second GWR trolley.

Phil Salter was working with battery box electrical fittings.

Finally a shot of Rob and John renovating one of the axleboxes on the two wheelsets being worked on at the end of the Barn. These are destined for TSO 5042 and FK 13326. With the awful weather we had on Thursday morning, working at this end of the Barn would have been extremely unpleasant if we hadn't had the roller shutters.

Report by Dave Clark


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Unknown said...

Interesting to see the light fitment for the guard. At Chiltern we are trialling a similar idea on a mk3 vehicle so the light illuminates the stepping distance from vehicle to platform