Monday, 31 December 2018

Thursday - Back to work

With Christmas over it was the first day back with just 8 of us in.

First arrival was Richard Bates, who had come in literally just to put some new batteries in CK 16195 in the Maroon Rake as we had received reports of very dull lights. Richard is preparing some new battery leads.

In the south vestibule of BCK 21092 Phil Jones continues the job of replacing the worn door seals. All the doorways in both this coach and TSO 4986 will need new rubber seals, and with a rapidly diminishing amount available we must get another order off to our supplier as soon as we can.

Ken drills holes in the south end of 21092 in preparation for fitting the missing tank filler pipe.

Ainsley caught up on a number of minor paint jobs left to do on 21092. Somehow the inner edge of the back of the guards door had been missed and was still in the old grey paint.

Although the face of the door at the south end of TSO 4986 had been cleaned and greyed up, the frame and edges needed more sanding down.


In the background Richard Hoy completes the work on this door before applying a base coat, except on the part of the frame still requiring the fitting of the capping strip. In the foreground Ainsley does some more paint snagging.


Kevin was back cling-filming more seats ready for storage.

Steve was also in producing another LED lighting strip.

Seeing Messieurs Wood and Salter sitting in "Mary" as the first train of the day went by was not the best incentive for the rest of us to work. As such four of us joined the train on its next Cheltenham run. No surprise that there were other members of C&W on the train also enjoying a day out. On the run back through Winchcombe we spotted Paul and Phil on the platform, no doubt expecting to see us in the Works! (so not a lot of work then)

Leaving Cheltenham, we were buzzed by a hang glider, who enjoyed a number of crossings over the train.

Report by Dave Clark

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