Monday, 10 December 2018

Saturday - Sucking up

Yes Paul was on his usual round of cleaning up. Starting in the entrance lobby sucking up all the dust.

Unfortunately it doesn't stay clean very long!

In the workshop Ken was bolting the new pillar drill into position for John Osborn. Drilling the bolt holes into the concrete floor created the inevitable cloud of dust.

21092 has only got water filler pipes on the Cotswold side at both ends. Why? We haven't got the faintest idea. Its just the way the carriage is. However, having located a pair of suitable spares in the 'stores' John Squires has set about cleaning the pipes up; putting new threads on the ends and hopefully next week will try a fit up of them, we have actually 'sized' them up already but is never quite the same as actually trying the connection.

Dave Hancox was busy on some more of the fittings for 21092. This another window grab bar.

Away from the dust some more of the fist top coat has been applied to the Malvern side of 4986 while I and Bob Mac made more progress on the centre door door liners.

While the north end vestibule is starting to gleam with the panelling going into place.

In the barn John Hamer continued the overhaul of two wheelsets. In the past we have always found the shims inserted to adjust end play on the axle boxes to be made of copper. This one however has plastic shims.

and finally back to the sucking, except when we tried to do a vacuum test on the recently arrived 4867 the mobile vacuum pump wasn't feeling very inclined to suck hard. It did enough to reassure us that there doesn't appear to be to much wrong with the brake cylinders on the carriage.

At the end of the day the vacuum pump was stripped down cleaned re-oiled and re-assembled. It sounded and sucked much better. So next week we shall try the vacuum test again.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 is certainly looking better. Well done to all your stalwart workers.
Regards, Paul.