Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wednesday - steady progress all round

With 25 plus in today there was scope for everybody to get stuck in.
Yet again I managed to arrive I the upholstery shop at just the right/wrong (depending on your view point) moment. A new roll of moquette was required from the top shelf of the rakes; where else!
It was soon installed on the roller and Penny started by trimming the lead edge.

Jenny and john were doing the finishing stitches on a chair from the RBr.

while Dave was starting to rebuild the base of a single SO/FO seat.

The new melamine sheets for the panelling of the DMU.

Eddie and Geoff started by making a blank template for the end section of the DMU

before cutting the proper melamine panel.

After much adjustment Paul finally got the lock action functioning freely on this door rom 4986. Fractions make all the difference on these locks.

David spent much of the day paining around the guards area of 21092.

while Rod worked on ensuring the door didn't stick when the carriage goes into service. Another case of very small margins.

The two toilet floors showed some signed of deterioration so both have been removed and the underlaying steel structure inspected and subsequently replaced.

Ken completed the repair of one of the J sections for the south gangway connector o 4986 and set about bolting it back in place. so just the 23 or so nuts and bolts to go then! Then there is the other side.

Des was working on the central vestibule panelling of 4986, filling the holes before re-varnishing..

Finally out in the barn Derek assembled the first of the platform trollies, albeit upside down.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All very good work.
From my memories of 4 wheel trollies, I remember that the brake mechanism has to very finely set, as the standard setting requires the operator to be no more than 4 feet tall to release the brakes!
Now to colour schemes: If the trolley is to go to a BR(W) restored station, such as Cheltenham. it should be painted dark brown. But if it is destined for Broadway, then Factory brown should be the colour. Factory brown is a very milky chocolate colour. 1904 afficienados may know more about that period than I.
Regards, Paul.

Crossleydd42 said...

That platform trolley is looking very impressive, built up from just two axles and four wheels! said...

That trolley is a terrific job.

Iver Driver said...

Trolley looking good!! Spent many happy "spotting" hours sitting on one of these - mind the splinters!!