Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Wednesday workings

A day with things happening all over the place.

For a start John Hill and jenny were out in 4986; A carriage in the third rake. With the seats they replaced today they have reached the 3/4 mark in the sea replacement program. Being a rolling replacement means the removed seats will be restored to complete the last section and the final set when removed will go into storage or start the process for another carriage.

It was rather pleasant out in the carriage as it is well placed in the sunshine.


In the paintshop Des was getting some undercoat grey on the final section of 21092's Cotswold side where we had to do a late repair.


On the interior Rod was painting the ceiling in the disabled area.


4986 is progressing well with the main work now focussed on the door frames, Geoff fixing another door liner,


and the doors. Craig and Trevor sorting the action on a door lock. This one was fine until the last bit of tightening when it got stiff. A little bit of shimming sorted that out.


Mike has started on the panelling.


The gangway connections are also progressing well with John Varley remaking one of the J section spacers.

Phil has started refitting the electrical connections on the north end. This has to happen in conjuction with Steve rebuilding the interior framework and panelling in the vestibule.

we are still making some progress on 34929. Tony here refitting the window sliders. There is nothing like really getting into the job.

Ken was completing the final bits of reskinning the north end of CK 7221 before it is mothballed again for the winter. We need the space for the winter work on the main rake carriages.

Peter Holt from the maintenance team was in to restore some more of the interior door locks. A fiddley job as the springs and rivets are rather small. 


Rex was busy dealing with the capping strips for 4986. this carriage has a rather different capping strip arrangement. The strip is much smaller and has to be fitted very precisely.


In the woodwork shop Eddie and Colin were getting to grips with the Broadway counter. This is the base section being assembled.

Nick and I also spent sometime under RBr 1675 which had been parked over the pit for us. It allowed us to make a serious assessment of the underfloor steelwork. We are hoping to start work on it next spring.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

All hands to the pump, it seems.
Great work and progress.
Regards, Paul.