Friday, 23 November 2018

Wednesday - Turning the corner

The title today is both literal and metaphorical. we are starting to feel that we are closing in on completing both 21092 and 4986. There is still a way to go with both but the list of things to do is shortening.

The literal corners are those of the platform trolley. Derek has rounded them off and applied the steel rub platers to each corner. He has also put the brake blocks in place. The actuation mechanism is still to be set up. The tricky bit from what I hear!

On 21092 we have 3 door entrances to sort the floor out in. Gerry having removed the tatty edge to the floor board set about cutting out the remains of the rusted floor plate in the entrance of door2. A new section will be welded in tomorrow.

Geoff and Mike were working an a new section floor board in the south vestibule. Both the entrance thresholds needed replacing.

For 4986 we are very much down to doors and doorways. The floor and seats are just awaiting the end of dust creation in the vestibules before sealing and installation. Paul has finally sorted the door lock action on this door so its panelling next week.

Derek was working on the window guides of this door.

while Trevor made an extra section of batten to screw the panelling to on another door.

The flexible section of the gangway connection for 21092's north edn is rotten and how to fix it has been a issue. As Ken and Andy have managed to release the main bolts securing the gangway we will know be able to swap the end plate for a refurbished one.

Painting has now started on 4986 so Rod was busy with the guide putting the tape in place for the lines.

Another game of from to you by Jenny and John the needle they are passing backwards and forwards nas they sew the centre waistline of this seat is about 9inches long!

Dave the master of the seast base was preparing yet another one.

Another game of me to you Eddie and Colin carefully cutting rebates etc. for the Broadway counter. For C&W purposes this has been designated a wagon.  Why? I hear you ask.

Well space is needed to assemble it. So we have set aside the space at the north end of the paintshop, where we usually put a wagon, to assemble the counter before shipping it to Broadway.


Jo said...

Brilliant counter, a copy of an existing one. Can't wait to see it, as well as the mirrored shelving behind.

St Blazey 1925 said...

It beats plywood every time. Pity more construction like this is not done any more in towns and cities.
Regards, Paul.