Thursday, 29 November 2018

Wednesday - stabilisation

With all seats taken in the mess room we must have 24 in attendance. So between resolving all the issues of the world except Brexit we got a lot done.

Despite there being 24 of us John Hill was the  lone member of the upholstery team in and while he claimed to be making some new head rest pads we have a sneaky feeling he was just practicing ready for the turkey at Christmas.

The last 2 thresholds were cut prepared and put in place on 21092. so the floor re-laying can now be completed.

at the north end of the carriage David was preparing and painting the gangway door.


Back in the woodwork shop Colin was busy making several other wood sections most pof these for 34929's new windows.

They were soon in the paintshop for a protective coat of varnish although I think they will need some colouring to a darker shade in the next coat.

A little warning message in case we get carried away painting these window sliders there are some springs and guide clips need fitting. The bottom springs are missing here

while this has a broken guide strip.


With more painters than usual in on a Wednesday we took the opportunity to get a fist top coat on many of the window frames on 4986. We don't usually do this in the workshop these days but there wasn't any serious sanding or dust creation going on so we could.

Craig was sorting out a rebate on the door 1 of 4986 for the capping strip to go back on while was doing something similar on door 6.

In the woodwork shop again here Paul and elsewhere Mike were fitting the panelling to some of the doors.

In the past if you had been working in the barn at this time of year you would have been off your trolley. However, since the roller shutters went up things are notably different. Its still chilly but the driving rain and wind are firmly shut out and its not bad to work on a platform trolley in there now.

Ken was also in the barn cleaning the threads on the gangway connector studs. This one will go onto the north end of 21092 when complete.

So just why was 4867, the newly arrived TSO shunted into the barn? We knew the crash pillars had been cut out at for replacement at the south end of the carriage before it came to us. A carful inspection showed signed the roof at that end was sagging. Hence both toilet windows were broken.

So the first after further inspections and and some careful measurements by Nick and Ken the end was jacked up by over 20mm to re-establish the correct height.

Nick then set about our usual repairs an new base plat, being cut here.

While Gerry and on the other side John Varley cut out the outside ends of the old base plate


More double checks later, the new base plate and crash pillars sections were welded in place as were the first side rigger bars,


on both outer corners. The centre section and centre pillars will be prepared for repairs next week. This carriage is going nowhere until the end has been totally stabilised!

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