Thursday, 1 November 2018

Tuesday - Heartening

With 14 in, a very good number for a Tuesday even with two regulars away at the moment, we made some very heartening progress.

In DMU 51405, with most of the aluminium beading back in, we could begin to think about the luggage racks. John and Dennis did a great job reinstating as many of these as is currently possible.

Some remained to be cleaned up before putting back.

Towards the end of the day the DMU began to look more like its old self. However there is still some way to go yet with the refurbishment and, until the missing ceiling and side panelling can be reinstated, the fitting of all the remaining beading and luggage racks, and the completion of the internal window frame rebuilding, will have to be put on hold.


Inside TSO 4986 Bob was putting back more of the re-varnished beading strips on the Malvern side.


One of Stu's many jobs was putting a fresh coat of oxide on the cleaned up parts of the communication cord mechanism from 4986.


Almost finished! Derek has just a minor adjustment to make to one of the new boards to complete the very quick rebuild of S&T's trailer. All that's left then is to apply some grease to the axle boxes and we're done.
The three repainted steps for Santa's Grotto coach. Stu had applied another coat of the gritted black and I later undercoated the white borders.

Most of the team were as expected on BCK 21092, with Cheryl back in and catching up with some undercoating on the Malvern side south corner.
Ainsley, Keith and Richard once again working on the doors, frames and edges, which have been quite a trial with 21092, with many having to be majorly sanded down and a lot of filler applied. The Cotswold side double doors and Malvern side Guards door in particular are still undergoing considerable work with parts of the capping strips removed and underlying wooden liners reduced. Hopefully this should enable the removed strips to be reseated so as to allow the doors to work properly

21092's inner corridor door receives a good sanding down from Stu.

This was followed with a well painted cream undercoat.

With more sanding, cleaning and vacuuming in the guards corridor and compartment, to the point where you wonder just when to stop with all the cupboards, desk, gauges, brake column, pipes, hooks, various other bits, and endless nooks and crannies, you declare that enough is enough, and with sanity returning we get back to undercoating.
Stu repaints some of the undercoating at the south corner and door on the Cotswold side. Unfortunately some further necessary work on the door frame and sides had unavoidably messed up the paintwork


Another useful job done by Stu was giving the brown undercoated panels a light sand in preparation for eventual top coating (we need to get the roof side top coating completed before we start this of course).
The roof of 21092 receives more attention with Maurice beginning the initial top coating of the centre section (at the moment taking a break and having a chat with Richard).

Richard later begins applying top coat on the Malvern side of the roof. Overall the roof will receive two top coats of the "Flint Grey" that we apply to our Chocolate & Cream coaches.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

The DMU MS is looking better internally. A longer job than at first thought. Eh?
Also 4986 & 21092 are looking fine.
Regards, Paul.

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