Friday, 9 November 2018

Thursday - One step back

Thursday           One step back

A somewhat mixed day with some good progress, but also what we don't want. When you are dealing with 60 year old coaches, be prepared for anything!

In the Paintshop the day started well with Cheryl happily top coating the Cotswold side of BCK 21092.

Less than an hour later, with the paint still wet, Gerry holds up the two bits of metal that fell out when he was finishing off cutting back the corroded internal cross spar at the base of the window. We had hoped to effect a solid repair without the need to stop the painting.
However there was more fibre filler than we though and it came out.


So, it was out with the glass and the internal veneer panelling removed so as to be able remove the window frame.

With the floor removed Rex started preparing the repair identified the day before in the south end toilet compartment.


It's little better in the north end one. So a few things to sort out, but sort it we will.


Bryan has done some very good work on the Malvern side guards door and it now shuts properly. The capping strips are back on and we should be able to catch up with the remainder of the coach.

Continuing with the cream top coating, Cheryl and Richard have moved to the Malvern side.

Inside the saloon Bob Keyte is top coating the ceiling

A general view down the corridor. All this will have new lino.
With the DMU 51405's refurbishment "mothballed" and the car ready to go up to Toddington, we needed to get that sticking corridor door free'd up so that it shut properly. Lots of fun removing the screws holding the hinges - some were 2.5 inches long and slightly bent!
Rob carefully trims the necessary amount off the base of the door. The frame was repaired and the door reinstated, but he had to let a glued part of the door frame set. So the remaining hinge screws will be put in on Saturday and the door closing then checked.
John Varley continues working on the repair of the U section from the south corridor end of BSK 34929 in the Barn.


With the Malvern side window frames reinstated on 34929, Tony Barnard begins filling the rivet holes.

It's more of the same on the opposite side as well as a general sand of some of the existing filler.

Back into the Workshop to find Bob Slater and Roger stripping the old varnish in the centre vestibule of TSO 4986.

In the north compartment Tony Baker cleans the ceilings.

Report by Dave Clark

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