Thursday, 29 November 2018

Thursday - Hot and cold

With 19 in we were as usual scattered about with plenty going on outside on an initially very chilly day. The contrast between this and the Paintshop was quite marked!

 It was nice in the sun, but a different matter if you were working in the shade. The Maroon Rake has been partially pulled out of the platform to allow access for battery changing .

Richard Bates fitting one of the new gel batteries to RMB 1876.

The big chunk of filler that fell off the corner of BSK 35308 was forever being mentioned to me. The split bits both above and below were also dug out, the whole lot sanded and then coated in red oxide.

Although very cold, both the red oxide and subsequent layers of filler soon dried, and the result was painted in undercoat Madder. It certainly stands out now, but another dry working day should see this top coated and then lined out.

Good to get back into the warm Paintshop to find Jeff enjoying some white lettering at the north end of BCK 21092. Alex will be wishing he was here instead!.

A nice bit of teamwork beginning with Rob plasma cutting a strip of heavy grade metal sheet in the Workshop..

This was destined to be the new threshold base plate for the north end passenger doorway on the Malvern side of 21092. Nick and John Varley plan the next step.

Gerry steps in to clean up a bit more of the area.

All is as good as can be leaving Nick to weld in the new piece.

The completed job ready for the fitting of the new wooden threshold

With the white lettering completed Jeff removes the old carpet from the disabled (former luggage) area of the coach.

He is later found sorting out more of the weird striations shown up by the gloss painting on the north end of the coach by carefully rubbing in filler. When initially coming to the Railway, 21092 was covered with these, particularly on the Cotswold side which resulted in most of the paintwork being removed and a fresh start being made. The Malvern side wasn't as bad, while it looks as though the ones here escaped our notice until painted.

More ceiling top coating care of Bob K. I think just the corridor is left to do. At first we thought we could leave these as they didn't look too bad, but as usual a closer look soon changed our minds. Once done the difference is very obvious.

Richard Hoy spent the day on the gutter level panel around the whole coach, initially giving a light sand before applying the second top coat to most of the Cotswold side.

Pat and Alan staining and then varnishing internal window framing for 21092. Oh have we missed the paint trestles - it's good to have them back


Bob back on varnishing and being a professional painter for over 50 years what a super job he does. I think these are from TSO 4986.


I later found him in the north end vestibule of 4986, top coating the ceiling.

 In the centre vestibule Bob Slater was stripping off the old varnish.

Ainsley was back on the Malvern side of the coach sorting out more areas needing filling. The undercoated centre panels show the progress on this side. It won't be long before this is also fully undercoated as far as currently possible

Pat Cleary worked on the north end of 4986, initially cleaning up the various parts before giving everything a coat of undercoat dark grey.

Derek applies glue to one of the two heavy planks that will be for the rear axle of I believe the second GWR trolley that will be made.

Clamped up to dry. This will then be cut to shape.

Finally a much needed tidy up of the metal working area. Well done John and Rob!
Report by Dave Clark

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