Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Saturday - Variety

While the sticking double doors on the Cotswold side of BCK 21092 were resolved by moving the capping strips, the Malvern side doors are very different in that they stick in the middle. So, some very careful angle grinding is underway, with Ainsley occasionally testing the gap with a piece of card to check the remaining rubbing locations.

Nope! Still more to go. After quite a lengthy session they were much improved but there is a limit to how much can be taken off. We won't be putting many layers of paint on these door edges!

Meanwhile Bob Mac did a brilliant job, not only second top coating the roof, but doing about a third of the Malvern side as well. He previously had completed the Cotswold side. This means that top coating the sides will soon be underway (where we can that is).


Dave Hancox undercoats another compartment ceiling. We are well on the way with the ceilings in the BCK with some now top coated.


The internal sliding door to the guards compartment had to be taken off so as to be able to paint the otherwise inaccessible parts of both this and the underlying wall.

Michael (and Ainsley) top coating the disabled compartment in "Executive Light Grey" (actually a sort of khaki/putty colour, but looks very smart when completed and much warmer looking than normal light grey). 

Standing outside the north vestibule of TSO 4986 are these precut plyboard panels.

This can only mean that Steve is inside ready to fit them. More excellent progress.


On the outside Ken is attaching the rubber bellows in the north end corridor connection

Just George again on BSK 34929, but doing a good job keeping this project going while the main concentration is on the BCK and TSO. It can still be chilly in the barn, but very much better with the new roller shutters in place, keeping that wind out..

We are very lucky to have a very experienced senior gas engineer on our staff. Dennis, assisted by James, mends the faulty grill from the RBr in our main rake.

So this is where all the fast food containers went!


Doing a great job sorting out the numerous taps and dies is Andy. Now a qualified fireman, after this lot I bet he can't wait to get back onto the footplate!


Another mystery component having its final treatment on the lathe.

John demos where this is to be fitted - the modified trolley to be used for vacuum cylinder removals/fitting 

Report by Dave Clark

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