Saturday, 17 November 2018

Saturday - shunting

A busy with the prospect of the election coming to finish the installation of the roller shutters we had to reorganise the works to clear space in the barn. It is also a chance to set up ready for the winter schedule of work on the main rakes.

So the DMU was extracted and will go up to Toddington for an engine change during the winter before retuning in the spring for the interior to be completed.

4986 had to move out of the way

as did BSK 34929

Once everything except the |DMU was back in the work Steve set about the panelling for the north end of 4986.

and Ken was back to fitting the gangway.

Undisturbed in the paintshop Alex was painting door edges.

Kevin on one side of the partition

Sorry not sure who this is on the other side as they combine to bolt the luggage rakes back up in respective compartments. The 2 bolt to each other through the partition.

The toilet floors under repair an extra support bar has been added.

John Squires was busy on the milling machine.

Having had a report of a ripped seat on the main rake a replacement was extracted from the 'store'. Its the best spare we could find as a temporary replacement. We are out of the moquette so I will have to order a new supply only about £650 per roll. We will want 4. Gulp! Paul spent much of the day cleaning the seat up ready to fit as soon as the carriage can be brought to Winchcombe.

In the mean time the upholstery team continued with the restoration of another seat. This is another moquette we have no spare off.


Jenny with the staple gun securing some new foam padding to a seat back.

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