Thursday, 22 November 2018

Saturday - Almost back to normal

Today we were shunting to get the Works back to its normal configuration and what a treat to have it back. The Barn still has to have the electrical work completed, so the BSK had to be left up close to the Workshop shutter and the jack road left empty to leave room for the mobile platform in use by the contractor. The electrics are due to be completed on Monday. We also had Bob Webb, our regular lino contractor, measuring up the BCK, TSO and BSK for new flooring.

A good vac around the Paintshop, even clearing out the track channels, and the north end looks very much better. This area will be left clear for storing the new Broadway Station cafe counter, which is steadily taking shape in the Woodwork Shop.

The south end of the Paintshop with BCK 21092 and the main painting trestles back in place. The temporary ones we have had along the Cotswold side while we were in "compressed" mode will actually be retained as they have proved to be very useful.

The big tidy up also included the Barn. The track space at the north end of the BSK will be the location of the horse box when that is extracted from the siding and brought in for a major repair.


Alan Miller from P'Way very kindly helped us move stuff around the yard and take any unwanted scrap metal from the side of the works to the metal skip. One of our future projects will be sorting out the latter area.  What with the shunt and the tidying up, we were very grateful for the glorious sunny Autumn day.


Phil strips off the rotten planking from the battery box. This will be used first as a template for 2 more to be made for future restorations. We have a couple of carriages with them.


In the Workshop at last is the LNWR van for a major roof repair, plus minor repairs to the former weather side of the van. Richard Stone and Paul Ellis made a good start removing the old canvas and uneven planking, the latter the likely cause of the constant leaking despite numerous attempts with sealant to prevent this.

A wander over to our new acquisition TSO 4867 to see how Dave Hancox and Kevin were getting on with the sorting out of what would be required and what could be skipped.


John Squires was busy on the milling machine producing a replacement part for the GWR trolley.

John Osborn about to do more welding up of one of the new parts for vacuum cylinders.

On the south end of TSO 4986, the reinstated corridor connection looks complete with all those nuts and bolts now in place.

A quiet day in the Paintshop with Alan initially completing the general filling and sanding on the Malvern side of the north end corridor connection on the BCK. He followed this up with a coat of dark grey undercoat. With space once again available we can catch up with this end of the coach.

More seat stripping with Dave, John and Jenny kept busy. Unfortunately Penny was absent as she was unwell - please get better soon!

Report by Dave Clark


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