Friday, 12 October 2018

While I was away

So these are the picture sent by Ian and Dave while I was away. Thanks Both. They cover the activities in the department for last Saturday and Tuesday.
So I see the priorities haven't changed The first picture is still the tea with Phil doing the  honours.
and Rhea still scoffs the biscuits. She has her own supply!

John Hill and the upholstery team are working on some replacement seats for 21092. This is a restore and repair project rather than a full replacement.

while Dave does some more restoration to the body side where some metal work repairs were carried out last week.
 Ainsley was busy re-fixing the trim strips in the DMU

while Kevin was cleaning up and prepping more strips.

Steve has continued the panelling of the vestibules in 4986.

Ken removing the end woods of 7221 in the barn

John Squires with the magnetic drill setting out the mount holes or the checker plate ay the north end of 4986.

John Osborn continued making the spare spacer tubes or the vacuum cylinder mounting.

In the barn the floor of 7221 has been removed along with the panelling so that crash pillar repairs can start.

 The last train of the day.

Painting is starting in earnest on 21092. Here the Malvern side is brought up to scratch ready or the tape to go on.

 There is a lot of seat movements at the moment in  an effort to find a 'good' set for 21092. The carriage is a composite so has first and second class seats. However, it has also been modified and has some open seats as well as compartment seats. Getting a set together therefore is not a straight forward process. Dave Hancox and Alan (plus myself) loaded the various seat backs from the BCK to the Monster Van, where Kevin was waiting to store them away.

After some further post-greying up filling and sanding, Keith and Stu marked and then positioned the lining-out tape along most of the side.

Phil Brown (and Vivian) sanding the edges and backs of the double doors on the Cotswold side.

While all this was going on, Ainsley was sorting out the different runs of screw holes in the ceiling of DMU 51405 ready for reinstating more aluminium beading strips.

With much of the paintable interior now complete, Richard Johnson applies the various advisory stickers.

Quite a few of the window frames had large gaps between the glass and frame. John applies paintable sealant around those on the Malvern side.

Earlier in the day Richard was tidying up the north end panelling on TSO 4986.

With more space available at the end of the Barn for working on the old GW platform trolly, Derek trial fits one of the original metal corner plates prior to having new ones made.

We will have to rename the Barn "the Greenhouse"! What a difference with those shutters now in place, especially on a very warm day. (We wait to see what its like on a very cold day, it could be an ice box! Hopefully not.)

Kevin sorting more seats!

Maurice worked on the south end of 21092, cleaning up as much as possible before applying red oxide primer.

Some of the end sections primed and ready for undercoating

Richard Hoy (and later Richard Johnson) then undercoated the gutter and top panel.

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