Thursday, 4 October 2018

Wednesday - getting there

Another lovely day to watch the trains go by. However, we do ind time between the trains to do alittle carriage restoration.

Dave Ward set about cutting up a large sheet of plywood. This time the end product was seat bases.


which Dave Dron was awaiting. here he is tidying up the base ready to fit the first of the panels Using foam or the seating the needs a solid base rather than the original slatted base.


John Hill and Penny discuss how to make good this first class seat base for 21092. We have no surplus moquette in this design so its a question of what we can piece together. We don't have time to recover the entire set of seats for the carriage before its needed in service.

4986 The carriage is making good progress. we are down to the refitting of the vestibules and the doing the doors before the big clean uo begins. The main focus today was doors with Mike securing the guide rail for the window on this door

while Craig was completing the securing of the bottom hinge on one of the centre doors. Having come rom mainline operation the hinges had been neglected and on this door the bottom hinge was completely missing.

On door 6 Geoff positioned the hinge side door liner When that one is correct, ie the door actually shuts. It does shut now so next week its the lock side liners turn.

Rod was painting another of the  inner door trims on the DMU while Ainsley, not pictured, was refitting the metal trim strips having spent a considerable amount of time cleaning and polishing more of the up.

Having found an issue with the guards door pillar on the BCK a check ound the same issue on the BSK so Gerry Rex and Ken Austin set about removing sections to enable repairs to take place.

Peter Holt from the maintenance team came in to do some work on cistern tanks Many of the seals are starting to leak so there is a fairly regular need to find a replacement tank. The removed tank then gets over hauled at our leisure ready to replace the next one!

Ken started on repositioning the water tap at the outer end of the barn. It had to be removed while the construction was being done. It will now go back in a new position.

Tony Barnard did some more work on window sliders, these or the BSK's new windows. With Ken and I we also sorted out as best we could for the moment the roller shutters. One was jamming on the roll down due to a slight misalignment. This was expected and will be sorted complexly when the electrics are installed. To manually open or close the shutters at present is around 20 minutes pulling on the chains. So its not something we propose to do very often! It just all part of the C&W fitness program avoiding the need for gym membership. 

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St Blazey 1925 said...

All great work! Well done all.
Regards, Paul.